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HiPP Comfort Formulas for Delicate Tummies

Explore the unique nutritional solutions offered by the HiPP special collection. Each easily digestible formula is meticulously crafted to cater to distinct dietary needs:

  • HiPP Special Comfort Formula: HiPP Comfort formula is designed to alleviate the causes of colic in babies, particularly those with a sensitive digestive system that may lead to constipation, colic, and flatulence. It works by softening the stool and being gentle on the stomach to aid proper digestion. HiPP Comfort formula has reduced lactose content, making it a unique option for infants experiencing digestive difficulties. However, it's not meant to replace your baby's regular formula but to serve as a solution for temporary digestive issues.

  • HiPP Anti-Reflux Formula: Specially formulated to alleviate acid reflux and regurgitation, this formula contains natural locust bean gum, a thickening agent added for its reflux-reducing effect, ensuring smoother digestion.

  • HiPP Hypoallergenic (HA) Formula: This formula is crafted using "hydrolyzed" dairy, where the dairy proteins are broken down into smaller pieces. These smaller pieces go undetected by the immune system, thereby avoiding allergic reactions. With nutrients similar to those found in breast milk, HIPP HA formula comes highly recommended by pediatricians for managing milk protein allergies. HIPP hypoallergenic is free from added sugars, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, hormones, GMOs and artificial ingredients. Additionally, HiPP hypoallergenic formula is easy to digest and does not contain wheat, eggs or nuts, making it a suitable choice for babies prone to allergies.