Shipping policy

Shipping Speed:

Most orders are delivered within 1-6 business days. 

Shipments out of California Warehouse:

Express orders (overnight/2-day shipping) placed before 12 PM Pacific from Monday to Friday and Saturday 10 AM will ship out the same day via FedEx/UPS.  All other orders (standard and free shipping) will ship out on next business day.  All express orders placed on Saturday (after 10 AM), Sunday, and otherwise noted holidays will be processed on the following business day (for example, if you place an express order on 9/2/2017 (Saturday) at 10 AM, it will be shipped out on 9/5/2017 (Tuesday) via FedEx Express/UPS.

Standard shipping normally takes 1-3 business days to arrive (Monday through Saturday, excluding holidays).

Free standard shipping normally takes 1-6 business days arrive (Monday through Saturday, excluding holidays).

If you place an order during holiday seasons, there may be a slight delay.

We will be closed on US Holidays.

Shipments out of EU & UK:

All shipping estimates are valid only Monday through Friday, and packages will leave the warehouse the following business day (unless there is a holiday either here in the US or in the EU). We have no authority over or control over shipping carriers. Customs' processing times for each and every parcel they receive are beyond our control or legal jurisdiction. What is allowed through customs and what is not is at the control of US Customs and the FDA. If a product is about to be refilled, there can be brief delays. Any cancellation requests made within an hour after making the order will be taken into consideration, but they cannot be guaranteed.


We have warehouses in different countries and shipping/delivery schedule may be affected:


New Year’s Day: Saturday, Jan. 1
Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Monday, Jan. 17
Presidents Day: Monday, Feb. 21
Memorial Day: Monday, May 30
Juneteenth National Independence Day: Monday, June 20 (observed because June 19, the date of the newest federal holiday, falls on a Sunday)
Independence Day: Monday, July 4
Labor Day: Monday, Sept. 5
Columbus Day: Monday, Oct. 10
Veterans Day: Friday, Nov. 11
Thanksgiving: Thursday, Nov. 24
Christmas: Monday, Dec. 26 (observed because Dec. 25 falls on a Sunday)



15th April 2022 - Good Friday

18th April 2022 - Easter Monday

23rd April 2022 - St George’s Day

2nd May 2022 - Early May Bank Holiday

2nd June 2022 - Spring Bank Holiday

3rd June 2022 - Platinum Jubilee

29th August 2022 - August Bank Holiday

25th December 202 - Christmas Day

26th December 2022 - Boxing Day Bank Holiday

27th December 2022 - Bank Holiday



15th April 2022 - Good Friday (Alsace and Moselle)

18th April 2022 - Easter Monday

1st May 2022 - Labour Day

8th May 2022 - V-E Day

26th May 2022 - Ascension Day

6th June 2022 - Whit Monday/Pentecost Monday

14th July 2022 - Bastille Day

15th August 2022 - Assumption Day

1st November 2022 - All Saints' Day

11th November 2022 - Armistice Day

25th December 2022 - Christmas Day

26th December 2022 - St Stephen's Day (Alsace and Moselle)



*please be aware that there are several regions of Germany which have there own public holidays and this list is not comprehensive*

8th March 2022 - International Women's Day (Regional; Berlin)

15th April 2022 - Good Friday

17th April 2022 - Easter Sunday

18th April 2022 - Easter Monday

1st May 2022 - Labour Day

26th May 2022 - Ascension Day

6th June 2022 - Whit Monday/Pentecost Monday

16th June 2022 - Corpus Christi (Several States)

15th August 2022 - Assumption Day (Bavaria,Saarland.)

20th September 2022 - World Childrens Day

3rd October 2022 - German Unity Day

31st October 2022 - Reformation Day (Several States)

1st November 2022 - All Saints' Day (Several States)

16th November 2022 - Repentance Day (Saxony, Wednesday before November 23rd)

25th December 2022 - Christmas Day

26th December 2022 - St. Stephen's Day



17th April 2022 - Good Friday

18th April 2022 - Easter Monday

27th April 2020 - King’s Birthday

26th May 2022 - Ascension Day

5th June 2022 - Pentecost Sunday

6th June 2022 - Whit Monday

25th December 2022 - Christmas Day

26th December 2022 - St Stephen's Day




We are able to ship out formulas around-the-clock and guarantee that your packages are delivered as soon as possible because we keep such a small cancellation window. Orders that are placed before or after (6am PST to 6pm PST) this cancellation window are processed right away and shipped from our warehouse. It is impossible to cancel or stop a shipment once an order has left the warehouse. Depending on your bank, it may take up to 10 business days for the credit to show up on your statement.

Example#1: I have placed an order at 4pm PST and want to cancel the order. It is now 4:45pm PST, and I have sent a cancellation request email at My cancel request will be accepted because it is not past 6pm PST

Example#2: I have placed an order at 4:59am PST, now it is 6am PST and I've sent the cancellation request.  This order will not be guaranteed of cancellation.  The cutoff windows are 6am PST to 6PM PST, any hours before or after that is not guaranteed of cancellations.

Customers can cancel their orders within 2 hours if it is not fulfilled and not guaranteed.  You can cancel your order by going to your account on our website or the email you will receive and click on view order which will take you to the status of the order and click on cancel order then continue.


Free Shipping:

We are currently offering free shipping on purchases of $100 or more.  

Customs & Government Agencies (Applies Only to Canadian Customers)

It’s very important to always cooperate with customs and government agencies to prevent seizure and possible return of your order. If you are contacted, it is important to always mention the parcel is for personal-use only and is not intended for resale to avoid any unnecessary taxes or fees.

Shipping Couriers:

We use USPS, UPS, and FedEx depending on location and weight of the items.  


Signature Confirmation:

Please note if your order exceeds $250 in value our courier will require a signature.

Shipping and handling charges are subject to change without notice.



We regretfully do not accept returns. We take this action since the majority of our products are sanitary or perishable goods. For the sake of all of our clients, we must maintain the integrity of our inventory. All of our products are safely transported in brand-new, unopened condition from clean, secure facilities.

Baby formula is regarded as being non-returnable.
Perishable goods (like food) cannot be returned.  Sadly, we are unable to accept returns on sale items.