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Aptamil Formula for Babies

A global pioneer in infant nutrition, Aptamil places science and research at the forefront of its mission. Our unwavering goal is to provide high-quality nutrition firmly grounded in scientific insights, driven by the passionate desire to enhance early life nutrition for as many infants as possible. It's from this commitment that the Aptamil formula was born.

With over 40 years of dedicated research in understanding breastmilk, Aptamil stands as Ireland's premier brand in infant nutrition, offering steadfast support to parents and healthcare professionals alike. Our nutritionally specialized Aptamil product line encompasses first infant milks, follow-on milks, and toddler milks, meticulously designed to nurture infant and toddler nutrition from birth.

Aptamil goes the extra mile by catering to the unique needs of bottle-fed infants who may encounter typical feeding challenges, including constipation, colic, lactose intolerance, regurgitation, reflux, and cow's milk allergy. Our range of customized milks provides vital nutritional support, ensuring that babies feel satisfied and experience fewer instances of digestive discomfort.

Discover the stages of Aptamil baby formula:

  • Aptamil Nutri-Biotik Stage 1 Formula (From Birth)
  • Aptamil Nutri-Biotik Stage 2 Formula (6+ Months)
  • Aptamil Nutri-Biotik Stage 3 Formula (12+ Months)

Trust Aptamil for your baby's nutritional journey, where science, passion, and quality converge to provide the very best.