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Premibio Organic Formula

Premibio infant formula was born from the collective concerns of parents who sought a better alternative for their babies—one without the contentious ingredient, palm oil. In collaboration with experts in infant nutrition who understood the drawbacks of this ingredient, Premibio emerged as a solution.

At the heart of Premibio is a deep commitment to organic principles. This commitment is exemplified by our range of organic products, including Premibio Organic Cow Milk Formula and Organic Goat Milk Formula. We firmly believe that the Premibio line should not only meet the implied nutritional expectations it communicates but also protect our environment.

While there may be organic palm oil that complies with farming requirements, we at Premibio firmly believe that this contentious ingredient has no place in organic food, particularly when it comes to newborns.

An infant formula comprised solely of unsaturated fats, often a blend of rapeseed and sunflower oils, can potentially have a pro-oxidant effect. Such a lipid profile significantly deviates from the lipid profile of breast milk, which is primarily saturated (> 90% unsaturated fatty acids), with a maximum of 50% unsaturated fatty acids.

Despite the higher production costs associated with an artisanal process, Premibio infant formula incorporates coconut oil to balance the ratio of saturated to unsaturated fatty acids. This achieves a profile that closely mirrors mother's milk.

Coconut oil provides lauric acid and medium-chain fatty acids, which are typically absent from other oils used in infant milks, such as palm, rapeseed, and sunflower oils. Additionally, it prevents the pro-oxidant effect associated with these oils.

These two fatty acids, though not strictly essential, hold significant biological importance. Medium-chain fatty acids are readily mobilized by infants' bodies, providing a vital source of energy during a period when energy demands are high. Lauric acid serves as an anti-infective agent.

The fact that these fatty acids are naturally produced by the mammary gland, even when absent from the mother's diet, highlights their critical role in breast milk.

Premibio's decision to offer infant milks without palm oil stems not from a passing trend but from our strong moral convictions and a deep understanding of nutritional science. This commitment sets Premibio apart in the infant nutrition market.

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