Purchase options cancellation policy

Subscription Policy

We will send you a notification 3 days prior to your subscription order date.  So you may have the time to manually cancel it through your account or email us anytime at care@formuland.com if changes need to be made.  If the order is processed and shipped then it can no longer be cancelled but you may return it for a refund.  If a chargeback is filed without our products returned unopened then the chargeback will not be accepted.


Orders may be canceled up until midnight, Pacific Standard Time (PST), one hour after payment, whichever comes first. We are able to ship out formulas around-the-clock and guarantee that your packages are delivered as soon as possible because we keep such a small cancellation window. Orders that are placed after this cancellation window are processed right away and shipped from our warehouse. It is impossible to cancel or stop a shipment once an order has left the warehouse. Depending on your bank, it may take up to 10 business days for the credit to show up on your statement.

Customers can cancel their orders within 2 hours if it is not fulfilled.  You can cancel your order by going to your account on our website or the email you will receive and click on view order which will take you to the status of the order and click on cancel order.