Formuland FAQs

What is certified "Organic" baby formula?

So what is certified Organic for baby formula? Every single thing is centered on organic quality. The organic products on our website are produced in accordance with their own organic standards, that exceed expectations of EU organic laws, and have received EU and UK regulatory agencies' organic certifications.

The best option for your baby's formula is organic milk, which is also the best option for the environment because it is produced sustainably. Most products go a step further by making sure that both their production and packaging are beneficial to the environment.

Therefore, by selecting organic formula milk, you are providing the best for both your child and the environment.

Are all products read in English on their packages?

For most milk formulas will come in English but for products such as Hipp German & Hipp Dutch would be read in German when received by you.  But for your convenience we have provided you the information on our website in English, so do not worry!

What's DHA and why?

DHA is often found in fish oils, however seaweed, which also contains significant amounts of omega-3, can be used as a substitute.

DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid that is necessary for the growth of the brain and the eyes as well as for the promotion of a healthy central nervous system. In fact, DHA is so crucial to the early stages of human development that European infant formula laws demand that it be an integral component of all baby formulas. Since there is no such rule in the US, majority of US infant formulas don't include DHA.

Where to find preparation instructions?

On the product's page for each formula we sell, there are thorough preparation instructions that include the right amounts of water to formula powder at various phases of a baby's development.

Do you provide subscriptions to formulas?

Absolutely Yes! At Formuland we do offer subscriptions for most formulas through our website!  For questions on how to setup subscriptions, or purchasing a single order, and managing your subscription order, please check out our "How-to" page at .

How to store your baby formula

Baby formulas needs to be kept in an area that's cool, dry, and free of contaminants like moisture sources. If your infant's formula is in a can, always make sure the can lid is securely closed. If your formula is packaged in a box, make sure the silver bag is properly sealed (for example with a rubber band or in a ziploc bag). Our entire formula is sent from our secured warehouse that is dry and has a cool environment.

Why is the product page packaging different when i receive?

Packaging designs are routinely updated by manufacturers. We always obtain the most recent inventory directly from manufacturers in order to guarantee the longest expiration dates, thus occasionally you might receive a more modernized box design than what is seen in the site's photos right now. Although we make every effort to update photographs as soon as new designs are made available, we can't always guarantee that the box design will exactly match the imagery on our product page due to the rapid turnover of shipments entering and leaving our warehouse. Due to variations in packaging, refund requests are not accepted.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Deliveries from the California Warehouse:
On Monday through Friday before 12 PM Pacific, and on Saturday before 10 AM, FedEx or UPS will dispatch express orders (overnight/2-day shipping) the same day. Every other order, including those with free shipping, will be shipped the following business day. For example, if you place an express order on Saturday, September 2, 2017, at 10 AM, it will be shipped out on Tuesday, September 5, 2017, through FedEx Express/UPS. All express orders submitted on Saturday, Sunday, and other holidays will be processed on the following business day.

  • Typically, standard shipment arrives in 1-3 business days (Monday through Saturday, excluding holidays).
  • Typically, free standard shipping arrives in 1-6 business days (Monday through Saturday, excluding holidays).
  • During the Holiday season, there can be a short delay if you place an order.
  • We won't be open during US national holidays.

Exports from the EU and the UK:
Only Monday through Friday are considered shipping days, and shipments will depart the warehouse the next business day (unless there is a holiday either here in the US or in the EU). The shipping carriers are not subject to our jurisdiction or control. We have no legal authority over or control over how quickly customs processes each and every package they receive. US Customs and the FDA have the authority to decide what is allowed and what is not through customs. There may be small delays if a product is going to be replenished. Within an hour after placing the order, cancellation requests will be considered, but they cannot be guaranteed.

Free shipping

Currently, we're offering free shipping on purchases of $100 or more from Formuland.

What do I need to do if my package is being held up in customs?

We are saddened to hear that customs is holding your item. Fear not! Contact our customer service department through via email at

Cancelling your order

For orders placed during the hours of 6am to 6pm PST (Pacific Standard Time), cancellation requests will be considered, cancel request needs to be sent to us via email ( within an hour after the order is placed.  We are able to ship out formulas around-the-clock and guarantee that your packages are delivered as soon as possible because we keep such a small cancellation window. Orders that are placed before or after (6am PST to 6pm PST) this cancellation window are processed right away and shipped from our warehouse. It is impossible to cancel or stop a shipment once an order has left the warehouse.

Example#1: I have placed an order at 5pm PST and want to cancel the order. It is now 5:45pm PST, and I have sent a cancellation request email at My cancel request will be accepted because it is not past 6pm PST

Example#2: I have placed an order at 5:59am PST, now it is 6am PST and I've sent the cancellation request.  This order will not be guaranteed of cancellation.  The cutoff windows are 6am PST to 6PM PST, any hours before or after that is not guaranteed of cancellations.

Refund policy

Baby formula is considered as perishable food so it cannot be returned. Since the majority of our products are perishable items, we take this precaution. We must preserve the integrity of our inventory for the benefit of all of our customers. All of our products are safely shipped from pristine, secure locations in brand-new, unopened condition.

Exceptions to the refund policy:

Please notify us immediately if you think you received the wrong or damaged item so we can look into it and make things right. The original package you received should be kept because it will be required as evidence for our internal investigation. Claims without tangible (i.e. photos) evidence won't be considered.

  • Damaged Products (item is received with a pierced interior bag or a punctured can, we consider the item to be damaged)
  • Incorrect product delivered

Mis-deliveries: Once the product has departed our facility, it is the customer's responsibility to get in touch with the shipping provider directly to arrange delivery. In the event that there are any shipping issues, we will do our best to help, but it is the customer's responsibility to be present when the shipment is delivered. We suggest looking through your property's communal spaces and contacting your neighbors if you cannot find an item that is marked as delivered. We do not issue reimbursements for lost or stolen parcels after the courier marks the delivery as delivered. Any packages with tracking numbers that are marked as "undelivered" are still covered by our delivery promise, and we will work with the customer to find a solution.

Changing your address after placing order: Customers agree that Formuland is in charge of delivering to the address they supply when placing an order. Our customer support staff will make an effort to accommodate changes of address after your item has been paid for, but we cannot guarantee a new delivery address. Any failed deliveries caused by a shipment being delivered to the wrong address are not considered refundable. Formuland is not responsible for misdelivered goods once they have left our warehouse in the case that the change of address was not handled by a delivery service in time for the delivery to be redirected. Requests for mail redirection should be avoided because, despite our carriers' best efforts, there is a good chance that the old address will still be used.

Delivery Delay: Despite our shipping partners' best efforts, delays that are out of our control occasionally may prevent packages from being delivered within 1-6 business days. Even though these mishaps are exceedingly uncommon, we suggest customers to give themselves up to 3 weeks for delivery during the busiest holiday seasons. Because not all shipping companies are open on weekends, we do not count Saturdays or Sundays when calculating a 1-6 business day delivery window. Delivery delays caused by the carrier, including any caused by import and customs clearance, are not deemed refundable because they are outside Formuland's control. Formuland has committed to its customers that it will ship out orders within a 24-hour window at the most.