Refund policy

We regretfully do not accept returns. We take this action since the majority of our products are sanitary or perishable goods. For the sake of all of our clients, we must maintain the integrity of our inventory. All of our products are safely transported in brand-new, unopened condition from clean, secure facilities.

Baby formula is regarded as being non-returnable.
Perishable goods (like food).  Sadly, we are unable to accept returns on sale items.


Damaged Products
When a boxed item is received with a pierced interior bag or a punctured can, we consider the item to be damaged (for canned items). Even though we take great care to avoid cosmetic damage from happening during delivery, commodities that are received with cosmetic flaws like dents in cans or wrinkles in boxes are not regarded as damaged goods from the perspective of a refund. Within three days of receiving your package, you must report any damage to Please save your original packaging, which will be given to the appropriate delivery carrier as proof. Send us a photo for visual proof of received product next to original packaging showing the label.


Delivered incorrect Products
Fulfillment errors do occur at times, though they are uncommon. If you believe you have received the incorrect item, kindly let us know immediately so we can investigate and make things right. Keep the original packaging you received because it will be used as proof in our internal inquiry.  Send us a photo for visual proof of received product next to original packaging showing the label.


The customer is responsible for contacting the shipping company directly to schedule delivery once the product has left our facility. Although we will try to assist if any shipping difficulties occur, it is the customer's duty to be present when the package is delivered. We advise searching the common areas of your property and asking the neighbors if an item is tagged as delivered but you cannot locate it. Once the carrier marks the delivery as delivered, we do not provide refunds for lost or stolen packages. Our delivery guarantee applies to any packages with tracking numbers that are designated as "undelivered," and we will work with the customer to find a solution.


Change of Address after placed order
Customers acknowledge that Formuland is responsible for delivering to the address they provide at the time of ordering. After your item has been paid for, our customer service team will make an effort to accommodate changes of address, but we cannot guarantee a new delivery address. Any mis-deliveries brought on by a package being sent to the incorrect address is not regarded refundable. In the event that the change of address was not handled by a delivery carrier in time for the delivery to be redirected, Formuland is not liable for mis-delivered products once they have left our warehouse. Requests for mail redirection should be avoided because there is a strong possibility that the previous address will still be sent to, despite our carriers' best efforts to update the address.


Delay in Delivery
In spite of our shipping providers' best efforts to deliver packages within 1-6 business days, there occasionally might be delays that are beyond our control. Although such delays are extremely rare, we advise consumers to allow up to 3 weeks for their delivery during busy holiday seasons. We do not count Saturdays or Sundays when determining a 1-6 business day delivery window because not all shipping carriers are open on weekends. As they are outside Formuland's control, delivery delays brought on by the carrier, including any brought on by import and customs processing, are not considered refundable. The customer commitment made by Formuland is to keep the maximum ship-out time from your order to 24 hours.


Updated packaging and product photography
Manufacturers may change the wording, pictures, or colors of their product packaging to match a newer box or can. We exclusively get the newest stock from manufacturers since we want to guarantee the longest expiration dates possible. Formuland will make a concerted effort to preserve the most modern packaging designs, but consumers occasionally might receive a box that is more modern than the images or copy on our website. There is no ground for a refund if they receive packaging with a newer design. By only shipping the most recent products on the market, Formuland is operating in the best interests of all clients.


Customer fraud attempt related to product complaints
Although they are infrequent, please be aware that we treat all product complaints carefully. Any complaints must be supported by photographic, video, and other requested proof that will be communicated directly with Manufacturers due to the high standards of hygiene that our Manufacturers uphold for their products. Any complaints will be deemed unprovable and won't be taken into further consideration if the requisite evidence isn't provided. The legal teams of Formuland and the Manufacturers will work together to deal with any attempt by a customer to fabricate product information in a way that would suggest a problem that doesn't exist. In such situations, Formuland will give detailed instructions on how to return any formula for lab testing. Please be aware that every manufacturing batch number is noted at the time of shipping and will be compared to any claims that are made.


Once we've resolved your issue, we'll let you know and let you know whether or not a refund was approved. If accepted, a refund will be made automatically using your original payment method. Please keep in mind that processing and posting the refund to your account by your bank or credit card provider can take some time (There is no way for us to speed up this procedure).