HiPP Comfort Formula and Hypoallergenic Formula

At HiPP, we recognize that each baby is unique, and their nutritional needs may vary. That's why we've carefully developed specialized formulas to address specific requirements.

  • HiPP Comfort: Designed to support infants with an extra-sensitive digestive tract, HiPP Comfort is ideal for addressing issues like lactose-related colic, flatulence, and constipation from birth.

  • HiPP Anti-Reflux: For babies struggling with reflux and regurgitation from birth, our HiPP Anti-Reflux formula is formulated to help alleviate these concerns, ensuring a more comfortable feeding experience.

  • HiPP HA (Hypoallergenic): HiPP HA is specially crafted to reduce the likelihood of milk protein allergies, making it a suitable choice for infants with this specific dietary concern.

Explore our range of formula stages, including:

  • HiPP UK AR (Anti-Reflux) Combiotic Formula (From Birth)
  • HiPP UK Comfort Combiotic Formula (From Birth)
  • HiPP German AR (Anti-Reflux) Formula (From Birth)
  • HiPP German Comfort Formula (From Birth)
  • HiPP HA PRE Combiotik Hypoallergenic Formula (From Birth)
  • HiPP HA 1 Combiotik Hypoallergenic Formula (From Birth)
  • HiPP HA 2 Combiotik Hypoallergenic Formula (6+ Months)

Choose HiPP to cater to your baby's specific needs and ensure they receive the care and nutrition they deserve.