Lebenswert Formula for Newborns and Infants

Clean ingredients are important, something Lebenswert Bio is aware of. Because of this, the milk used in their Lebenswer formula is made on Bioland-certified organic farms in Germany and Austria. Even stricter standards apply to Bioland farms than to EU organic certification. The biodynamic farming methods used by Bioland farms respect animal welfare and environmental sustainability while avoiding the use of chemicals. The Bioland formula consists of organic skim cow's milk, whey, vegetable oils, and lactose as the main ingredients. The recipe is loaded with nutrients like vitamins A, D, and E, minerals, and essential fatty acids and is free of artificial sweeteners and GMOs (DHA and ARA).

Lebenswert formula stages include:

  • Lebenswert Stage 1 Formula (From Birth)
  • Lebenswert Stage 2 Formula (6+ Months)
  • Lebenswert Stage 3 Formula (10+ Months)