European Aptamil Formula for Babies and Infants

A pioneer in infant nutrition worldwide. For Aptamil, science and research are vital. Aptamil's goal is to offer high-quality nutrition that is supported by science with the passion of enhancing early life nutrition for as many infants as possible. As a result, the Aptamil formula came to fruition.

With more than 40 years of breastmilk research to its credit, Aptamil, Ireland's premier brand in infant nutrition, supports parents and medical professionals. The nutritionally specialized Aptamil line of first infant milks, follow-on milks, and toddler milks supports infant and toddler nutrition from birth. Infants who are bottle-fed and have been diagnosed with typical baby feeding problems like constipation, colic, lactose intolerance, regurgitation, reflux, and cow's milk allergy can receive nutrition support from the selection of customized milks. With Aptamil baby formula, babies can feel more satiated and have fewer cases of upset stomachs.

Aptamil formula stages include:

  • Aptamil Nutri-Biotik Stage 1 Formula (From Birth)
  • Aptamil Nutri-Biotik Stage 2 Formula (6+ Months)
  • Aptamil Nutri-Biotik Stage 3 Formula (12+ Months)