What’s the Best Organic Formula for Breastfed Babies?

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Shortages in 2022 are far from over, and now they’re impacting our youngest generation with baby formula shortages. If you’re breastfeeding, that helps.

However, if you’re supplementing with formula or using only formula, you could be worried about whether you will be able to find baby formula on your next shopping trip. Finding the best organic formula for breastfed babies helps ensure that your little one is getting the nutrients they need in a healthy way. 

If you’re trying to find a formula that can meet your needs and is available, keep reading to find out how to find organic baby formula. 

What Is Organic Formula? 

To be certified, organic products need to get produced without using herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics, or growth hormones. In addition, organic formulas have certain production standards. 

For example, they minimize the use of synthetic materials, ingredients are approved by the USDA<, and no prohibited methods are used. Organic products also contain no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or GMOs. 

Buying organic formula for babies ensures that your little one’s food can help them grow without exposing them to harmful chemicals. 

Types of Organic Baby Formula

When you’re choosing organic baby formula, there are a few types to keep in mind. However, we will touch on the main three. 

Milk-Based Organic Formula

This formula gets made using cow’s milk. It’s the most common type of formula for both organic and non-organic formulas. 

Partially Hydrolyzed

If your little one struggles with colic or gas, this type of formula can help. It’s made using milk proteins that have been partially broken down. 


It’s important to note that soy-based formulas shouldn’t be used for some babies. This is one you want to talk to your pediatrician about. 

The soy-based organic formula gets made using soy proteins. It’s often used instead of milk-based for babies who can’t digest milk-based formulas. 

How to Choose the Best Organic Baby Formula for Breastfed Babies

Finding the best organic baby formula can feel overwhelming with the range of options available. However, a few things can help you make a decision. 

Talk to Your Pediatrician

Your doctor can help you make an informed decision about the formula you are considering. They will be able to help you ensure that your little one is getting the right micronutrients and macronutrients. 

If you have a few brands in mind, take the time to ask your doctor their opinion. 

Certified Organic

Look for a product that’s certified organic. Certified organic products are typically more costly than products “made with organic ingredients.”

However, there is a difference. Products made with organic ingredients typically have at least 70 percent organically produced ingredients. However, the other 30 percent of the product isn’t necessarily organic. 

Certified organic products need to get made using 95 to 99 percent organic ingredients. 

Read the Ingredients List

You should always read the ingredients list and take note of what is on it. You should also look for helpful nutrients on the ingredient list. 

For example, some formulas could have prebiotics that helps with immune and gut help. Other helpful nutrients include lutein, ARA, and DHA. 

Choose the Right Company

When you’re buying formula, it’s vital to buy from the right company. Formuland is a company created for parents by parents. We want to help you get the best organic formula for your little one. 

We sell European organic formula. However, should you buy European formula in the US? YES. 

European formulas are not apporved by the US FDA, but they generally meet the standards required by the them. But, the European formulas take things a step further. They have additional requirements that the FDA doesn’t place on American companies. 

For example, certain sugars are banned. 

Our Top Picks for the Best Organic Formula for Babies

Here at Formuland we sell several organic brands. These are our top three picks for organic baby formula. 


Hipp Organic has been around since 1932. This is a german formula for organic baby food products and is family-owned. 

They have a wide range of food products like:

  • Regular organic formula (HiPP Bio) 
  • Sensitive Baby Stomach (HiPP Bio Combiotik) 
  • Acid reflux (HiPP Anti-Reflux) 
  • Allergies (HiPP HA Combiotic) 
  • Constipation or gas (HiPP Sensitive)

They also have some products for older children like HiPP Goodnight and HiPP Bio Kindermilch. HiPP products are certified organic. 


Holle has been around since 1933 and is popular due to its organic-based baby products. Their products utilize cow’s milk and goat’s milk. 

They have locations in Germany and Switzerland. You will find infant milk, formulas, and baby cereal from them. They also have snacks, tea, and baby oil in their product range. 

Holle products have been sold in 40 countries for 35 years and are the brand preferred by moms throughout Europe.


Holle Lebensewert is our third pick. Their products are certified as trustworthy for children. 

Ingredients are organically extracted, and Lebenswert products are nutritionally complete. Lebenswert was introduced in 2009 and adheres to all bio land guidelines, and products are sustainable. 

Choose the Best Organic Formula for Breastfed Babies

Choosing the best organic formula for breastfed babies ensures that your baby is getting great nutrition. There are a few factors you should look for when purchasing organic formula for your little one. 

Don’t let the American baby formula shortage worry you. Find great options online that are organic and give your little one the nutrition they need. 

Formuland is a company created by parents for parents. Start shopping with us today and check out our subscription program

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