Holle Formula & Wholegrain Rice Cereal Products

Holle formula produces Demeter-quality organic infant formula. Since its beginning in 1933, the company has adamantly avoided chemical processing and preservatives. Holle is acutely aware of the responsibility that comes with making baby food. As a result, social responsibility and sustainable management have always been important to their business. The company has sites in Switzerland and Germany. The Holle baby formula product range includes infant milk, a range of jars, and baby porridges. It also has baby oil, snacks, and teas as a part of its product range. Holle infant formula products are sold in 40 countries and stand to be the most preferred brand by mother across Europe.

Holle is proud of their brand since it is always ORGANIC and for the right reasons. Holle's 85-year history, as well as the fact that it has emerged as one of the industry's top producers of organic baby food. Holle wants their products to merit the label "sustainable," so they have consciously focused their attention on people and the environment ever since the company was founded.

With more than 80 products currently available, Holle's extensive baby food line embodies the company's motto, "Always ORGANIC - for all the right reasons." Holle has always placed a premium on naturalness: only raw materials farmed according to biodynamic or organic standards are used to make Holle baby food. Their Holle formula don't utilize granulated sugar, added salt, flavoring or coloring agents, or chemical processing or preservatives.