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Bebe M Formulas

A baby's development hinges on good nutrition, which plays a pivotal role in shaping their hunger cues. At Bébé M (formerly Bébé Mandorle), our mission is clear: to provide you with products that adhere to the strictest nutritional standards while offering valuable guidance for your daily life.

Bébé M formula is tailored for parents who prioritize ecological well-being and seek to provide their baby with a wholesome diet. Our rice-based infant formula is crafted with deep respect for the environment and the delicate physiology of infants, ushering in a new generation of responsible nourishment.

Progress & Innovation

Bébé M is the culmination of years of expertise in bio-vegetable nutrition. This dedication was fueled by our commitment to you and your baby's well-being. Our innovative bio-plant-based product line earned the prestigious 2013 Gold Trophy for Innovation. Crafted in France within an innovation-driven environment, Bébé M was born with the vision of offering parents and babies a wholesome, eco-conscious rice milk formula that harmonizes with the physiology of all infants.

A New Era for Infants

The Bébé M line is exclusively composed of plant-based ingredients, cultivated organically, and devoid of dairy products, gluten, soy, and palm oil. It represents a distinctive approach in terms of nutrition, business, and environmental consciousness. Bébé M formula is meticulously designed to ensure the first three years of your baby's life are as safe and healthful as possible.

Vegetarian and Organic Expertise

Bébé M's inception in 2013 was the result of collaboration with specialists in plant-based infant nutrition. To meet stringent regulatory requirements, we developed an organic rice protein hydrolysate uniquely tailored for its introduction. Bébé M, as the pioneering bio-vegetable infant line, proudly earned the Gold Innovation trophy. Today, its industrial and nutritional concepts continue to set it apart.

Certifications and Assurances from Bébé

At Bébé, we provide our utmost guarantees at the nutritional, infant, allergy, and bio-vegetable levels, ensuring we meet your expectations for transparency, traceability, safety, and environmental commitment. Bébé M's rice milk infant formula is gluten-free, dairy-free, and meticulously crafted in our sustainable Bioentreprise-certified facility.

Choose Bébé M, where our dedication to your baby's health and the environment converge to offer you the very best.