Why European Baby Formula Comes in Stages

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Supporting the growth of your baby comes down to their nutritional needs. Here’s why European baby formula comes in stages instead of ages. Before you know it, you’ll want to make the switch.

What Are European Formula Stages?

In the American market, most baby formulas provide products based on the child’s age. The difference between American and European baby formula is the separation of stages instead of ages. The stages signify a child’s nutritional development instead of their calendar age.

As children grow, their dietary needs change considerably. Not all children are the same or grow at the same rate, so going by stage rather than age can give children the support they need during their growth.

List of Stages Defined

Each stage of European baby formula is balanced explicitly with vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. As your child grows, they consume the formulation catered explicitly to their current growth period.

PRE Stage & Stage One

The PRE stage is often the mildest and gentlest for newborn babies, which you can supplement with breastfeeding or give as a complete meal. You can use both Pre and Stage One during a baby’s first year, so most parents usually go with Pre or One. Pre is often used for children from birth to six months, and Stage One can also suit children between birth and six months of age.

However, if parents start introducing solids after four or six months, they can use Stage One until their child’s first year of age. This is because babies begin to receive enough nutrients from solid foods. As for the brand, Holle, PRE and Stage One do not include probiotics or prebiotics.

Stage Two

Parents give their child Stage Two when they reach six months of age or higher. Stage Two is for babies with higher caloric needs in their growth cycle. It’s also appropriate for babies who eat little to no solid foods or are done breastfeeding.

Stages Three & Four

Parents can move to Stage Three when their child reaches around ten months of age. Finally, Stage Four is for children a year or older, having the highest amount of calories, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins for optimal developmental growth.

Benefits of European Baby Formula

There are many reasons why parents love European baby formula for their children. One of the main benefits is their excellent use of top-grade organic ingredients. The FDA doesn’t have the same regulations as the European Union, which provides extensive government oversight for ingredient usage, composition, nutrients, and labeling.

Additionally, European baby formulas strive to meet baby growth milestones. They have requirements for energy, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and proteins, which is why European baby formula comes in stages. So, parents can rest reassured that their little ones are getting the support they need during their development.

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