What To Do if Your Baby Won’t Drink Formula

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As a parent, your goal is to keep your baby happy and healthy. So, when your child refuses to take baby formula, it can raise alarms. Here are some tips for what to do when your baby refuses formula.

Reasons for Baby Formula Refusal

So, why might a baby refuse formula? Let’s look at potential reasons your child may not come around to baby formula as quickly as you expected.


If you notice your baby has been fussier or expressing discomfort, it could be gas. Gas can make your baby uncomfortable, and they might reject food. Excess gas can result from swallowing too much air or formula at once, leaving their tummies cramped.

Preference for Breast Milk

Sometimes the flavor of baby formula can make a baby cranky. When they’re familiar with the smell and taste of breast milk, the change to baby formula can be too abrasive for them.

Tips for Feeding Your Baby Formula

If you notice your baby won’t drink formula, here are some tips on what to do to help them adjust. Of course, it will take time and patience, but eventually, your baby will catch on.

Consider Formula Ingredients

If your baby refuses to take formula, the reason could be something in the formula. Babies can have sensitivities, such as lactose intolerance or allergies to soy. Consider the ingredients in the baby formula and swap it for lactose-free, anti-reflux, or other formulas to keep your baby satiated and comfortable.

Mix Baby Formula and Breast Milk

If you’re switching your baby from breast milk to formula, the change can feel drastic to them. Try mixing baby formula with your breast milk. Then, slowly increase the amount of formula. Doing this will help your baby adapt to the flavor.

Let Your Baby Take Breaks

A helpful tip for getting your baby to accept formula is giving them breaks when feeding. They might try to eat too quickly or have difficulty familiarizing themselves with the flavor, so take your time feeding them. Follow your baby’s cues for when they do and don’t want to feed; it also gives you a chance to burp them.

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