The European Organic Baby Formula Guide for New Moms

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So, you’re a new mom? First up, congratulations! You are about to enter one of the most truly exciting, magnificent times of your life.

Becoming a new mom really is as great as they say.

And, now that your beautiful baby is finally here, it’s also a time where new challenges will emerge.

Amongst the many key decisions you will make on behalf of your bundle of joy from now on, perhaps the most important one is this: what European organic baby formula you are going to use?

Baby Formula and the New Moma

Exclusively nursing your baby, or even breastfeeding at all, is not the perfect option for many new moms. And whether by choice or circumstance, formula feeding your little one is often the option that is right for you.

And of course, even when you opt to nurse, as your baby grows, you will likely move on to formula feed at some point.

This is where some confusion often comes in.

Because choosing food for yourself is one thing; choosing food for your baby is an entirely different prospect.

What should you look out for? What should you avoid?

What are the gold standards in baby formula?

In this article, we’re sharing our comprehensive guide to European organic baby formula.

Because your life is busy enough at the moment, right?

Let’s take some of that stress away.

First Thing’s First: Why European Organic Baby Formula is Best

Most new moms have one over-riding concern when it comes to choosing a formula.

Which one is the healthiest and safest for my baby?

While there are some very well-known, well-publicized American baby formula brands on the market today, European organic baby formula is best.


Because in the EU, tighter regulations govern the making of baby formula.

Things like sucrose (sugar), carrageenan and synthetic nutrients like lycopene and lutein often found in American baby formulas are banned in the EU.

In Europe, these stricter regulations ensure that better ingredients go into their formulas. They are safer and healthier than American offerings.

And, when it comes to your baby, only the best will do.

The European Organic Baby Formula Guide

1. Holle

A german food manufacturer, Holle has been around since 1933 and is one of the best baby food formulas on the market.

It provides a cow based formula, and those cows are raised on biodynamic Demeter farms.

Demeter is the brand for products that come from Biodynamic Agriculture.

  • Demeter farms are strictly controlled by International Demeter Production and Processing Standards. These standards exceed the most stringent EU regulations
  • Demeter production guarantees strict organic regulations are adhered to through every step of the process – from agricultural production right through to packaging
  • The cows are grass-fed and graze freely on pastures that are free from all damaging chemicals and pesticides

This European organic baby formula is a complete mother’s substitute.

Here is an example of the stages that Holle baby formula takes:

  • Holle Bio Pre – This can be fed from birth as a sole nutrition or as part of a mixed diet until the end of the first year of life.
  • Stage One for age 0 to six months
  • Stage Two for age 6 months to 10 months
  • Stage Three for age ten months to 12 months
  • Stage Four from one year to weaning age
  • It also offers these stages in Goat milk form

When you are looking for one of the safest organic baby formulas out there, you will have a hard time finding anything better that Holle baby formulas. It doesn’t just set the standards, it exceeds them.

2. Holle Lebenswert

Following on from its success, Holle introduced its Lebenswert brand in 2009.

Adhering to all of the same impressive guidelines as with the Holle brand, Lebenswert bio adheres to Bioland regulations for manufacturers and farmers and is another brand to be trusted when it comes to feeding your baby.

Here are the most popular formulas offered in the Holle Lebenswert range:

  • Bio Stage One – for infants from birth
  • Bio Stage Two – from 6 months and upwards
  • Bio Stage Three – after 10 months only

The Holle brand is one that can be trusted for your baby. This company has not only put its time and its effort into producing the highest quality formula, it’s even staked its reputation on producing only the best in organic produce.

3. HiPP

HiPP was founded in 1932 and is another German manufacturer of European Organic baby formula. It’s a great alternative to Holle should your baby have any difficulty with that particular brand.

This baby formula comes with its own HiPP Organic Guarantee – a set of regulations and testing that are even stricter than those set out in EU law.

Offering a diverse range of formula, the milk used is sourced from farms that use sustainable farming methods. And a major selling point for the HiPP brand is that it doesn’t use any plant-based sweeteners, opting to use lactose instead.

Hipp also provides formulas for a variety of special situations. Should your baby suffer from acid reflux or allergies, this brand may be the right choice for you.

Here are some examples of what to look for:

  • Stage One – for newborns from 0 – 6 months
  • Stage Two – from 6 months
  • Stage Three – Growing up milk
  • Hypoallergenic Formula
  • Hungry Infant Milk

The HiPP brand is a superb alternative the formulas offered by Holle. It’s a trusted company and, when you choose these formulas, you can be sure that your baby is in safe hands.

4. Aptamil

After 30 years of breastmilk research, approximately 250 scientists from research institutes and universities have endorsed the Aptamil brand as offering nutritionally complete formulas for bottle-fed babies.

Aptamil formulas are manufactured with Pronutra, a unique blend of important ingredients for the first months of life.

These products are suitable from birth onwards and provide an impressive blend of GOS/FOS prebiotic oligosaccharides, and all the key vitamins and nutrients that your baby will need.

Here are the most popular formulas:

  • Aptamil First Infant Milk
  • Aptamil Pronutura First Milk From Birth
  • Aptamil Formula Follow On – from 6 – 12 months

If the formulas on offer from Holle or HiPP don’t appeal, Apatmil may be the best formula for your baby. Not only is this brand backed by science, it’s also designed to taste as close to breast milk as possible.

European Organic Baby Formula

So, there you have it.

As a new mom, you’re already doing an amazing job.

Now you can add ‘well versed in European organic baby formula’ to your list of jobs well done.

Got any questions or need some baby formula advice? If so, reach out and talk to us. We’re always happy to help.

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