Parenting tips, from generation to generation – Are You Ready?

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Parenting is a challenging task for anyone. There is one fits all style in doing it and there is now fail proof approach in performing the role. This is mainly because each individual child differs from another. In addition, the environment from which we live in changes over time. The technological advancement has contributed and affected the way our relationship with our child evolved. Parent roles have also shifted in many different directions; many are practicing the modern family where both parents work for the benefit of the household and a few remain traditional in set up where the family depends in one income provider. There are also relationship matters that have to be taken in to consideration like when parents have decided to lead separate lives yet still believes in co-parenting the child. Because of these changes in the dynamics of parenthood, what may be effective parenting practices done decades ago may not be as valuable to the kids now.


There are however many lessons in parenting that can be pass on from one generation to the next and still yielding positive results. Some of this advices and tips have withstood the test of time and have proven to be applicable to every parent in any situation. Here are the top on the list parenting advice worthy to keep.


  • What parents ought to understand is the importance of being consistent. It is quite difficult to stand with what you have set as acceptable and what is not when your child is being a challenge. But the value of consistency plays a major role in disciplining and raising your child. You cannot flip-flop on your decisions and convictions as this may tend to indicate that you are not serious about the matter and or you may not gain respect from your child. It is important for both parents to agree on basic rules in guiding the child so as not to result with one of the parent questioning the other especially in front of your kid/s.


  • Balance the role of being a parent and also being a friend to your child. What is tragic today is the alienation and mistrust of most children towards their parents. It should always be kept in mind that the home is a place where your kid should be most open about himself and is most accepted. You can only create such an atmosphere if you have a strong friendship bond with your child which primarily stems from trust. Make it a point to not only be a parent but also be a friend to him. Know his interests, be willing to sit down and play with him, create an environment where your child can freely express himself to you and if possible be willing and open to confide to you. This kind of relationship will be very important in raising a confident, self assured, and secured individual. If you do this, you are halfway done in raising a capable and valuable human being into the world.


  • Set realistic expectations and have a regular reward system. What destroys a child’s outlook in life and self worth is the disappointment that parents often inflict their child with. It will be helpful to be cognizant with your child’s abilities and weaknesses, that way your expectations and aspirations for your child will be in tune with who he truly is. Setting the bar too high will only frustrate you and damage the self esteem of your child. It is also very important to be observant of their personal accomplishments may it be big or small, nothing builds them up more than being appreciated and rewarded for it. This will motivate them to always do excellently in whatever task they have in their hands.


Rearing a child is complicated and hard. A few guidelines will help you stay on track in good parenting. As parents we all wanted what is best for them, our good intentions though may not be for their best interest. It will be nice to check our hearts from time to time in consonance with these time tested advice in parenting.

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