Helpful Things for New Parents

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Before having a baby you’re going through the rollercoaster ride of emotions, excitement, apprehension and pride for yourself, each other and the baby. But, once you have a baby, you also understand that you are now in charge of raising a tiny human. And along with all the butterflies in your stomach, you bring your little angel back home from the hospital, his tiny hand wrapped around your finger.

This article is here to help prepare you for the future. It contains a list of things to buy that will be the most helpful to you and your baby in future.

So let’s get going!

Bouncers and Baby Rockers

I recently became a new mother, and believe me I’ve found a friend in the shape of my baby’s bouncer. I went for a simple blue one with two functions; rocking and vibrating. It has a few hanging toys on top but I took them down soon.

Trust me; this bouncer was my knight in shining armor. Through the long painful nights with my colic baby, this bouncer was the only thing that provided some relief and got me two hours of sleep.

The shape of the bouncers can make babies feel like they are in a mother’s lap and double kudos to the rocking feature. It can put your baby back to sleep. Plus, bouncers are portable. So you can take them anywhere from the living room to out in a garden.

I take my baby’s bouncer even when I go to my mom’s place. Always remember to make sure that you buy premium quality stuff for your baby. You can also check out this list of good table height baby bouncers.

Car Seat

Car seats are necessary for women who are going to drive themselves to the hospital. If not, they are still a must buy because you won’t need to put up with long commuting hours holding the baby in your lap while your partner stumbles through traffic.

It might seem easy in the beginning but as the baby starts to gain weight, it becomes more and more difficult to carry the baby. A car seat can also be used as a bouncer. Car seats are completely safe and comfortable for the baby.


Of course, one of the most helpful things is the stroller itself. My baby is four months old. Every morning, I take her out on the stroller for a walk in the park. This not only gets my workout done for the day but has also helped my baby develop a routine and distinguish between day and night.

My stroller was a beautiful gift given to me by my sister-in-law. I keep my little one covered by pulling its canopy on top to protect from direct sunlight. Every stroller has brakes and locks for security, a belt to keep the baby in place and baskets to carry some items along. Some also have rattles and a cup holder to keep the feeders or sippy cups.

Play Pen

Playpens are such a good investment for parents who live alone and cannot afford any help for the baby. These are lightweight, portable and offer all the functions of a regular cot. Many parents do not go for the cot bed right away but opt for a playpen instead.

One of my friends used a playpen in place of cot for her baby. When the baby started to learn to stand, she took out the first bedding of the playpen, did some quilting and used the last bedding surface as a place for her baby to sleep. You can find many ideas on the Pinterest app related to this.

Breast Pump

Breast pumps are absolutely necessary for women who want to breastfeed their child. Two amazing benefits of a breast pump are:

  • You can pump out the milk and hand it over to someone in a feeder to feed your child to catch some zzz’s for yourself
  • They are a major help in establishing feed for mothers who suffer from low milk supply.
  • You can pump and store milk for times when you are off to work or in a public place where you aren’t comfortable in feeding your baby directly.

Always go for a double cup battery operated breast pump. It is faster and far more efficient to use. The manual pump is no good as it requires more efforts and time to pump even an ounce of milk.

Well, you’ve read this article; you’re officially good to go. Remember to enjoy your journey of parenthood. Everything ahead requires patience, wisdom and a lot of love at your end.

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