9 Formula Feeding Tips that Help You Bond With Your Child

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Sometimes you might feel as if bottle feeding puts a barrier between you and your baby. This isn’t particularly true. But your feelings are absolutely valid.

And giving your baby as much of a chance to bond with as possible is always a good idea.

You will be happier as a mommy and baby will be happier because of it.

There are plenty of ways to bond with your child while bottle feeding. And if you’re looking for formula feeding tips, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s look at what you can do to bond with your child while still bottle feeding.

1. Position Is Everything

Even though you are bottle feeding, you can still make your baby feel as if they are breastfeeding. One of our favorite formula feeding tips is put your baby in the breastfeeding position.

It might be mildly awkward to hold the bottle in that position, but your baby will be much happier.

Cradle your baby in your arms. Position his head in the crook of your elbow. Now raise his head near your breast while holding the bottle in the other hand tilted up to avoid gas.

Bottle feeding does come with some risks, like an ear infection from liquid pooling in the eustachian tubes. This position helps alleviate that risk.

2. Make Feeding Special

You don’t have to be religious or spiritual to believe that quiet time with your baby is precious. Yes, you can feed your baby virtually anywhere. And even breastfeeding is now protected by law in some places, thankfully.

But, if you can help it, find a quiet space and time to feed your baby.

Formula feeding tips like this are good for both baby and mother. You get the benefit of meditation-like quietness while your baby gets the calm environment on which to nourish.

Choose a special place in your house for this.

Have a favorite baby blanket nearby. Play soft music. Light some scented and calming candles.

You and baby deserve a little bit of RnR each day.

3. One Of The Best Formula Tips: A Keep Out Sign

Fathers can be involved in this. But like before, keeping baby time sacred is a good thing. And to continue in that theme, we recommend feeding without any sibling vying for attention.

It might be difficult to do this if you have other little ones, but keeping feeding time between you and your baby will help you bond with your tiny.

Your other children have other ways of bonding with you. And you can give them extra attention later.

But keep this time parent-only time. This should be a big rule in your house.

Your children will learn to play on their own. If you set feeding time more regularly, your children will quickly learn when it’s time to leave mom alone.

If the father is around, perhaps you can have him take the children to play elsewhere.

If not, at least sequester yourself away in another part of the room if you don’t feel comfortable leaving your kids out of sight.

4. Make Like A Marsupial

One of the most fun formula feeding tips out there is Kangaroo care. This concept was taught in Bogota and helped drop the mortality rate of premature infants from 70% to 30%.

While your baby may not be premature, skin on skin contact is never a bad idea. Especially when you’re trying to bond with your child.

This position is quite easy.

Take off your shirt. Take off your baby’s clothes.

Now place the baby in an upright position on your bare chest. Belly to belly.

You can feed your baby in this position and gain massive doses of bonding time with you baby.

5. Pull The Switch

Babies get bored with the same view. Which is why some recommend that when just holding your baby, you turn them on their belly and let them lay your arm like a little Superman.

And when it comes to formula feeding tips, we recommend you switch things up when feeding too.

Not only should you switch the position between feedings. But you should switch things up mid-feeding.

Your baby will see a different side of you. Literally. And they will be less fussy.

Also, you give your body a break when you switch things up. It’s not good to keep your body in one position for too long. You’ll cramp up.

6. Talk It Out With Your Baby

You may not be a very vocal person, and your baby may not even understand what you’re saying. But your voice is soothing.

Talk to your baby during feeding time. Not only will they enjoy watching your facial expressions while you talk. They will bond with you as you talk.

7. Be A Vending Machine

The vote is probably always going to be out on this controversial of formula feeding tips. But being able to respond to your baby’s needs on demand will help your baby bond to you.

The quicker you respond to their feeding or changing needs, the more they will bond to you.

This might make it difficult to carry out #2 and #3. But that’s the challenge of motherhood, isn’t it? Finding a way to be a superhuman!

8. The Teat That Fits Just Right

Again, knowing your baby will help you with this tip. If you are formula feeding, you want to get the right size bottle tip for your baby’s needs.

A tip that flows too quickly could cause problems. But a tip that flows too slowly could cause chapping and frustration if your baby suckles too hard.

Be attuned to your baby as you bottle feed.

9. Facetime With Your Baby

No, we aren’t advocating for early technology adoption on your baby’s part. We are, however, advocating for real facetime with your baby.

Don’t be distracted by the TV or your phone while feeding. Your feeding time should be wholly about you and baby. No other distractions around you to take your attention away.

Stick with the Formula Feedings Tips That Work Best For You

These formula feeding tips will help you get through the bottle feeding stage with maximum bonding to your baby.

What are some ways you bond with your baby while feeding? Let us know in the comments below. And, as always, keep your baby safe.

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