7 Health Reasons to Choose Goat Milk Baby Formula

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If you are new to the concept, feeding your baby goat milk formula might sound a bit out there. 

But did you know that goat milk is the most-drunkest milk in the world?

What’s more, goat milk is highly nutritious—more so than cow’s milk.

Besides packing in high levels of vitamins and minerals, goat milk baby formula can also be better for your little one’s gut. 

Interested to know whether goat milk formula is right for your baby? If yes, keep reading as we unpack 7 of the top benefits of goat milk based baby formula.

1. Goat Milk Baby Formula Can Be Easier to Digest

When dealing with a freshly arrived family member, there’s a lot to figure out. From developing the perfect feeding schedule to sleep training and combating colic—the list never stops. 

Fortunately, if your baby is suffering from colic or indigestion, we have some good news. Goat milk baby formula might be able to ease the problem. 

Why is this?

Well, goat milk is overall much easier to digest than cow’s milk. Firstly, it has less lactose in it, something many people have difficulty processing. Secondly, it contains some of the same prebiotics as mother’s milk, which can help your baby’s digestion powers. What’s more, the proteins in goat milk are less dense, making them more easily digestible. 

Lastly, goat milk’s fat content is also different from cow’s milk. Goat milk contains mainly short-chain fatty acids. These are easier and quicker for the body to break down.

If you little one is struggling with tummy trouble, it might be worth giving goat milk baby formula a try.

2. It’s Better for Babies Who Are Dairy Intolerant

Another potential benefit of goat milk based baby formula is it can work for babies who are dairy intolerant.

As mentioned above, goat milk contains slightly less lactose than cow’s milk. But won’t this lactose still irritate my baby’s stomach?

Not necessarily. It is easier to digest overall, and reports state that between 40-100% of people who suffer from milk allergies can tolerate goat milk.

Whether or not your infant will be able to process the lactose in goat milk will depend. However, it is worth a try, especially considering the other benefits of goat milk baby formula. 

3. Goat Milk Baby Formula Is Good for Gut Health

During infancy, it is very important that your baby establishes a healthy gut biome. Mother’s milk contains most of the probiotics and prebiotics needed to innoculate a baby’s digestive tract. 

Unfortunately, cow’s milk does not. If your baby fails to receive the prebiotics and gut flora it needs, this can trigger and exacerbate digestive issues. 

The good news is that goat milk is rich in prebiotics, containing, according to research, 14 strains of oligosaccharides prebiotics, 5 of which are the same as those found in mother’s milk. 

It’s a bit of a mouthful, but oligosaccharides are extremely beneficial because they can increase the growth of good gut bacteria. Besides this, they can also protect the gut from harmful bacteria strains, thereby guarding against tummy infections.

4. Enhanced Iron Availablity

Another perk to goat milk baby formula is its enhanced iron availability. Although cow’s milk generally contains more iron than goat milk, it is less available for uptake. 

On average, a human only absorbs 13% of the iron in cow’s milk. With goat milk, on the other hand, one can typically take up over 50% of the iron that’s present. 

Because of this, your baby will get more iron if it drinks goat milk formula. 

Iron is a crucial nutrient for childhood development, making goat milk a valuable nutritional source. 

5. More Good Fat

One of the reasons why goat milk is easier to digest, as we mentioned above, is because it contains more short-chain fatty acids. 

These polyunsaturated fatty acids are not only easier on the stomach, but they’re also categorized as healthy fats. Healthy fats are essential for your baby’s growth and development. 

6. Goat’s Milk Contains Fewer Hormones

If you are wondering, “is goat milk formula good for babies,” another reason the answer is a resounding yes is it contains fewer hormones. 

Mass-produced cow’s milk commonly contains low levels of estrogens. Over time, ingesting these can cause adverse health effects, especially in developing children. 

If you would like to protect your little one from taking in excess estrogen, goat milk baby formula is a good option. According to studies, goat milk contains substantially less estrogen than both regular and organic cow’s milk. 

7. It’s Also More Alkaline

Want to know one more reason why goat milk-based formula might be better for your baby? It can be alkalizing to the body.

Mother’s milk has a relatively alkaline pH of between 7 to 7.4. Cow’s milk, on the other hand, has a pH of 6.7 to 6.9 and is acid-forming. In comparison, goat’s milk is pretty similar in pH to cow’s milk, generally registering at 6.7 to 6.4.

However, research states that, like mother’s milk, goat’s milk is alkalizing to the body, even though its pH is similar to cow’s milk. 

Are You Looking for the Best Goat Milk Baby Formula?

If you are looking for an easily digestible formula for your baby, goat milk might be it. Not only is it gentle on the digestive system, but it also has higher iron availability, fewer hormones, and lots of good fat. 

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