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Hipp Baby Care

HiPP Baby Care: Sensitive Skin Care for Babies, Mothers, and the Entire Family

Unlocking the Philosophy and Skin Tolerance of HiPP Baby Care

Discover HiPP's commitment to providing natural, gentle skincare for both babies and mothers. Our Babysanft range is dedicated to safeguarding your family's skin, leaving it free from harm, paraffin oil, and allergenic substances.

Reducing Allergy Risks to a Minimum:

  • Our products are free from fragrances that may trigger allergies.
  • We exclude essential oils, fragrance majantol, added colorings, and parabens.
  • We use mild washing agents without soaps, preserving the skin's natural acid mantle, especially important for developing baby skin.
  • No PEG-emulsifiers or alcohol (ethanol) are included.

Dermatologically Confirmed Skin Tolerance

  • Our formulas incorporate high-quality plant oils.
  • Organic almond oil, renowned for its compatibility with sensitive and dry skin, is ideal for infant skin care.
  • HiPP Babysanft's basic product range undergoes rigorous clinical testing for skin tolerance, meeting scientific dermatological standards.

The Ideal Baby Care for the First Year

  • HiPP collaborates with dermatologists from Berlin's Charité and European skin specialists to bring you the latest recommendations for infant skin care and cleansing.