Formuland Mighty Star Scholarship

Are you seeking for support to help you achieve your aspirations and goals? Do you feel motivated to put your all into whatever you do because you want to be an example for your child or children? We are aware that this might be difficult for anyone, but especially so for those who require financial assistance.  No matter if you have a single parent, a teenager, or someone who just needs the financial support it can be stressful trying to manage all the necessary requirements while aiming for your goal.  At Formuland, we would like to support and be a part of your journey and make it attainable with our scholarship! We can overcome exponentially more difficult obstacles as a community and succeed to a considerably greater extent than we could if we attempted to do so alone. Formuland is interested in hearing your story of inspiration about a person who inspired you to push your boundaries.

    How to apply for the Formuland Mighty Star Scholarship

    To apply, fill out the form below with a 500-1000 word essay that shares your experience in relation to the questions below.  We will select a candidate who has the greatest potential to influence their family and community.  The recipient of this scholarship should aim to have a tremendous, wonderful impact on both their immediate and distant surroundings.

    Life can be difficult. In today's hectic environment, how do you balance being a good role model for your loved ones while managing your everyday tasks? What motivates you to pursue your education further? How do you balance being a student and spending time with your loved ones?

    Describe a period when you failed and what you took out from it.  No student is perfect, and we at Formuland recognize this.  We want to know how you overcame failures in the classroom, in the workplace, or in your personal life. Explain your failure, why you failed, and how it improved you.  You can also share a lesson you took away from that failure, such as what you would alter to avoid encountering that circumstance again, how that failure changed your life, or how you recovered.  

    Finally, we'd want to hear how this scholarship will benefit you and your family. What dreams and aspirations do you have?

    Formuland Might Star Scholarship Essay

    Scholarship Winners!

    Chloe Krebill / March 2023

    Thank you so much for awarding me the Formuland Mighty Star Scholarship. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to further pursue my career goals! This scholarship will help me pay for part of my tuition at Washington State University to pursue my master’s in business administration. Because I support myself and my son, I do not have anything saved for my education, so this scholarship enables me to start my master’s this fall. With this honor, I can continue to be a role model for my son and exemplify the importance of pursuing higher education and persisting through difficult times. I can’t wait to one day give back to students in similar situations and provide hope as this scholarship has for me.