HiPP Formula, Rice Porridge, and Baby Cereal

HiPP Organic has the perfect German formula for organic baby food products. The family-owned business and farm provide world class baby food products since 1932. HiPP ensures that your baby gets natural and the best nutrition with its diverse range of HiPP formula products. Some of them include regular organic formula (HiPP Bio), acid reflux (HiPP Anti-Reflux), for sensitive baby stomach (HiPP Bio Combiotik), allergies (HiPP HA Combiotic), gas or constipation (HiPP Sensitive), or nutrients for an older child (HiPP Bio Kindermilch, HiPP Goodnight). The carbon-neutrally sites of Germany, Hungary, and Austria have around 260 products catered worldwide today. The organic HiPP infant formula contain the following key ingredients: Pre and Probiotics, Omega 3 and 6 LCPs (DHA and ALA) and lactose-derived oligosaccharides.

For more than 50 years, the HiPP company has been associated with thoughtful and conscientious treatment of the environment, people, and the economy. Every HiPP baby formula product from his company has always come with a personal assurance from Claus Hipp that it is of the highest caliber.

The general moral decline of society has been a topic of increasing controversy in recent years. In the globalized economy, the implications of actions driven by short-term profit are a growing source of worry. Other recurrent themes include poor working conditions, a lack of social responsibility, and the absence of ethics and moral principles in business.

Since HiPP has deep roots in the Christian tradition, it made a determined effort to actively combat these unsettling tendencies in 1999 by introducing an internal ethics management system. Ask about our HiPP formula and products today.