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HiPP German AR - Anti Reflux Formula from Birth (600g)

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Hipp AR (Anti-Reflux) Formula from birth (600g) (German Box and Formulation)

Introducing Hipp German AR - Anti Reflux Formula: A Solution for Excessive Spitting and Belching in Babies

Hipp German AR, an anti-reflux formula from birth, is specifically designed for babies who exhibit an increased tendency to spit and belch after feeding. While some spitting is normal in infants, certain babies may experience more than usual. This can be a common occurrence in babies under a year old. The formula is carefully crafted with all-organic ingredients to ensure easy digestion. It's important to note that parents should use this product only when advised or needed, as it is considered a food product recommended by doctors as part of a balanced diet.

Key Components of Hipp German AR (Anti Reflux Formula):

  1. Locust Bean Gum: Derived from a natural source, locust bean gum is a beneficial natural dietary fiber also found in breast milk. It supports the organic digestive process in infants.

  2. Long-Chain Polyunsaturated (LCP) Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids: Essential fatty acids that are included in the formula since a baby's body cannot produce them in sufficient amounts for at least the first year of life.


  1. Consultation with Doctor: Parents are advised to consult their doctor before introducing this product into their baby's diet plan. It's essential to seek medical guidance.

  2. Medical Supervision: Specialty foods like Hipp Anti Reflux should be administered only under medical supervision, emphasizing the importance of professional advice.

  3. Suitability for Belching and Spitting: Hipp Anti Reflux is formulated to be suitable for children who experience excessive belching and spitting.

  4. Caution for Allergy-Prone Children: It's noted that Hipp AR may not be suitable for children prone to allergies. Parents should exercise caution and consider individual circumstances.

  5. Strict Compliance with Regulations: The formulation of Hipp German AR adheres to legal standards and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure quality and safety.

Hipp German AR stands as a potential solution for parents dealing with the challenges of excessive spitting and belching in their infants. As with any specialized formula, it's crucial to involve healthcare professionals in the decision-making process, ensuring the well-being of the baby.

      Skim Milk, Whey Powder, Vegetable Oils [Palm Oil, Sunflower Oil, Rapeseed Oil], Lactose, Locust Bean Gum, Fish Oil, Potassium Chloride, Calcium Carbonate, Mortierella Alpina Oil (ARA), Sodium Citrate, Calcium Orthophosphates, Choline, Calcium Chloride, L-Phenylalanine, L-Tyrosine, L-Leucine, Magnesium Carbonate, L-Tryptophan, L-Histidine, Iron Sulfate, Lactic Acid, Vitamin C, Zinc Sulfate, Natural Lactic Acid Culture [Hereditum® Lactobacillus Fermentum CECT5716], Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Inositol, Vitamin E, Copper Sulfate, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Potassium Iodate, Folic Acid, Sodium Selenate, Vitamin K, Vitamin D, Biotin, Vitamin B12.

      Fish and fish products
      Milk and milk products (including lactose) Country of origin: Germany cooling (<25 °), dry place. Hipp GmbH & Co. Vertriebs KG 85276 Pfaffenhofen

      Please keep in mind that this product is made to meet European standard for iron and other nutritional criteria. Because there is no global standard for such nutritional qualities, these requirements may vary by country. Customers in Australia, Canada, the United States, and China may need additional supplements to match local dietary recommendations.

      Per 100ml or 3.38 oz/3 oz prepared

      Energy 66kcal
      Total Fat 3.6g
      Saturates 1.5g
      Monounsaturates 1.6g
      Polyunsaturates 0.5g
      Linoleic Acid (Omega 6) 0.40g
      Linolenic Acid (Omega 3) 0.06g
      DHA 13.2mg
      ARA 13.2mg
      Total Carbs 6.9g
      Sugars 6.9g
      Starch 2.0g
      Inositol 4.2mg
      Fiber 0.4g
      Galacto-oligosaccharides 0.4g
      Protein 1.25g
      L-Carnitine 1.8mg
      Salt 0.05g
      Sodium 20mg
      Potassium 66mg
      Calcium 51mg
      Iron 0.70mg
      Phosphorus 30mg
      Magnesium 4.5mg
      Chloride 51mg
      Zinc 0.60mg
      Copper 0.053mg
      Iodine 15mcg
      Manganese 0.0050mg
      Selenium 3.8mcg
      Fluoride 0.0050mg
      Vitamin C 8.9mg
      Vitamin A 54mcg
      Vitamin D 1.5mcg
      Vitamin E 0.70mg
      Vitamin B10.036mg
      Vitamin B2 0.14mg
      Vitamin B6 0.023mg
      Vitamin B12 0.10mcg
      Folic Acid 10mcg
      Pantothenic Acid 0.34mg
      Vitamin K 5.1mcg
      Biotin 1.5mcg
      Niacin 0.34mg
      Choline 25mg

      • 400g makes 100 fl oz of formula
      • 600g makes 150 fl oz of formula
      • 800g makes 200 fl oz of formula

      Step 1:
      Sterilze bottle, nipple, and ring in boiling water for 3-min before each use.

      Step 2:
      Boil the water and cool it down to approximately 120 °F. Pour about half of the water into the bottle.

      Step 3:
      Fill the measuring spoon and level with a knife for accurate measurement. Add the quantity of milk powder
      indicated in the table on back of this page into the bottle.

      Step 4:
      Shake thoroughly. Add the rest of the water and shake again. Cool down to drinking temperature of about
      100 °F.

      Feeding Chart (This table is a guide only; your baby should be fed on demand, particularly in the first few weeks, and may need more or less than the volumes stated. If you need more advice, please contact your healthcare professional).

      Stage 1
      Age Qty of Water (fl oz) # of Measuring Spoon Prepared Product (fl oz) Bottles per day
      week 1 Follow your doctor's advice.
      week 2~4 3 3 3.4 6~7
      month 2 4 4 4.4 5~6
      month 3~4 5 5 5.6 5~6
      after month 4 6 6 6.7 4~5
      Stage 2
      Age Qty of Water (fl oz) # of Measuring Spoon Prepared Product (fl oz) Bottles per day
      after month 6 5 5 5.74 2~3
      6 6 6.76
      7 7 7.94
      Stage 3
      Age Qty of Water (fl oz) # of Measuring Spoon Prepared Product (fl oz) Bottles per day
      after month 10 5 5 5.74 1~2
      6 6 6.76
      7 7 7.94
      Stage 4
      Age Qty of Water (fl oz) # of Measuring Spoon Prepared Product (fl oz) Bottles per day
      after month 12 5 5 5.74 2~3
      6 6 6.76
      7 7 7.94

      * Only use the scoop provided in the pack

      * Do not make feeds weaker or stronger than indicated by adding extra water/scoops, and do not add anything else to milk feeds

      * For hygiene reasons, always freshly prepare feeds and do not prepare in advance. Use made up feeds within 2 hours of preparation. Discard anything leftover at the end of the feed. 

      * Do not heat feeds in a microwave, hot spots may occur which could cause scalding

      * Introduce a cup or beaker as soon as possible to prevent prolonged/frequent contact of teeth with milk feeds which may increase the risk of tooth decay

      * Use sachet within 3 weeks of opening

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