Bébé M Formulas

A baby's development is dependent on good nutrition. Good nutrition is also crucial for the formation of their hunger cues. The goal of Bébé M (formerly Bébé Mandorle) is to provide you with products that meet the most stringent nutritional standards and provide you with a wealth of guidance to use in your daily life.

Bébé M formula was created for parents who care about ecological welfare and want to feed their baby a sensible diet. Using their rice-based infant formula, which is made out of respect for the environment and the physiology of infants, enables a new generation of babies to grow up more responsibly!

Progress & Innovation
Baby M is the result of many years of bio-vegetable nutrition experience. This hard work was put in just for you and your baby!

Bébé M, the first bio-plant-based product line, won the 2013 Gold Trophy for Innovation. Bébé M is made in France in an innovation-driven atmosphere. It was created with the hope of providing parents and babies with a healthy, eco-conscious rice milk formula that respects the physiology of all infants.

A new wave of infants
The Baby M line is exclusively made of vegetables, is produced using organic methods, is free of dairy products (non dairy), gluten, soy, and palm oil, and has a distinctive dietary, business, and environmental approach. Bébé M formula is designed to make your baby’s first three years of life as safe and healthy as possible.

Vegetarian and Organic Expert
Baby M was created in 2013 in collaboration with specialists in the field of plant-based newborn nutrition.   To comply with strict regulatory criteria, an organic rice protein hydrolysate had to be developed specifically for its introduction.  Bébé M, the first bio-vegetable infant line, won the Gold Innovation trophy.  Its industrial and nutritional concepts still make it unique today.

Certifications and assurances from Bébé
Bébé gives you their best guarantees at the nutritional, infant, allergy, or bio-vegetable level in order to satisfy your expectations in terms of transparency, traceability, safety, and dedication to the environment. Bébé’s rice milk infant formula is gluten-free, dairy-free, and organically produced in their sustainable Bioentreprise-certified plant.