The Different European Types of Baby Formula and What’s Best in 2022

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Did you know that the US is currently experiencing a baby formula shortage? As of April 2022, the percentage of the most popular brands of baby formula that were out of stock was 40%, which is 10% higher out of stock than what’s average in ordinary times.

If you’re one of the many Americans who use baby formula, this shortage may be stressing you out. You also might be stressed about finding the best baby formula for your baby, if you’re worried about their quality.

Fortunately, the European types of baby formula are a great option. There are many different types available and they’re better for your baby.

In this article, we’ll review the different European types of baby formula and what’s best in 2022.

Finally, you can get the best European baby formula for your baby and ensure that your baby is healthier than ever. Read on to learn more.

HiPP Baby Formula

HiPP baby formula, and their organic baby food, define why—when it comes to European baby formula vs. American—just how much better the European option is. If you’re looking for organic baby food products, HiPP has the perfect formula.

HiPP’s baby formula is German. As for the business, it’s family-owned and on a farm. They’ve been making baby products for a long time, since 1932.

Options you can buy include HiPP Sensitive (for babies who experience constipation or gas), HiPP HA Combiotic (for babies with allergies), and HiPP Bio Combiotik (for babies who have sensitive stomachs).

Other options include HiPP Anti-Reflux (for babies that experience acid reflux), and HiPP Bio (their regular organic formula).

Additional options include the UK, German, and Dutch formulas. There’s also a goat milk formula available.

Holle Baby Formula

Another great European baby formula is Holle baby formula. Founded in 1933, this brand is popular for its baby products that are organic-based. Today, this company is still renowned as it continues with its success, rejecting chemical preservatives and processing.

Holle has websites that sell European baby formula to customers in Germany and Switzerland. These products have been sold for 35 years in 40 countries. Across Europe, it’s one of the brands that mothers prefer most.

Different formula options available include organic A2 milk formula, organic cow milk formula, and organic goat milk formula.


Another European baby formula is Aptamil. Nutricia Early Life Nutrition makes this formula and bases it on the 40 years they’ve done of research into early life nutrition and breast milk. This brand combines experience and science to support healthcare professionals, carers, and parents.

They’re also constantly researching so that they can contribute actively to new scientific discoveries and insights in the early life nutrition field.

There are two different formulas available through this company. One is the Nutri Biotik First Infant Milke Stage 1, which is for babies aged between zero and six months.

The other is the Nutri Biotik Follow On Milk Stage 2. This option is for babies aged between six months and a year.


Jovie, a Dutch baby formula, is made from goat milk. The reason that they create this formula is that they believe that goat milk is a better alternative than cow milk when it comes to getting your baby the protein they need.

In creating this breastfeeding alternative, Jovie seeks to create the most nutritionally complete, healthiest, and purest option.

There are three different goat milk baby formula options available through Jovie. These include Formula Stage 1, Formula Stage 2, and Formula Stage 3.


Another Dutch baby formula brand is Kabrita. They’re a division of a larger group, the Ausnutria group, and they produce and market baby formulas for bottle feeds. These formulas are based on both organic cow milk and goat milk.

They sell these formulas under the brand names Neolac and Kabrita.

If you buy Kabrita branded products, you’ll have access to more than just formula. You’ll also be able to buy products that are goat-milk-based, like snacks and cereal mixes.

This company has been around for more than 100 years, and its supply comes from its own production locations. These locations are in Heerenveen, Leeuwarden, Kampen, and Ommen.

There are three different goat milk formula options. These include Infant Formula Stage 1 Goat Milk, Stage 2 Goat Milk Formula, and Goat Milk Stage 3 for Toddlers.


Another European baby formula option is Lebenswert. In addition to being a leading global company, this company is also the oldest baby food company in Europe and is trusted by many Europeans as making trustworthy food products for children.

All the ingredients Lebenswert uses for its products are organically extracted. As a whole, pediatricians consider its products to be nutritionally complete.

They also make sure not to add any unnecessary chemical ingredients and run their company sustainably.

There are three different baby formula options available through Lebenswert. These include Formula Bio Stage 1 Infant Formula Milk, Formula Bio Stage 2 Organic Follow On Milk, and Formula Bio Stage 3 Organic Growing Up Milk.

Want to Buy These Types of Baby Formula?

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