3 Tips for Storing Your Supply of Baby Formula

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Your baby’s nutritional intake matters for their growth, especially regarding formula preparation. You don’t want to have a happy, cooing baby one moment, then a miserable, uncomfortable baby the next. So here are tips for properly storing your baby formula supply to prevent spoilage, illness, and wasted money.

Keep Everything Pristine & Clean

When handling baby formula, bottles, nipples, and other items, it’s crucial to keep everything clean. Thoroughly wash your hands before touching anything relating to baby formula prep so you don’t harbor or spread germs. When storing your baby’s formula, you want temperatures between 55 and 75 degrees to prevent bacterial growth.

How To Store Ready-To-Feed Formula

The ready-to-feed baby formula is a premixture of liquid formula that offers convenient bottle feeding for parents. It sits at a higher price point than powdered formula but helps create the ease of feeding your baby on the go. However, there’s a proper method of storage that keeps them from quickly spoiling.

Store your unopened ready-to-feed formula containers in a cool, dry place. Upon opening, they should reside in the fridge with plastic caps or wrap. If the opened ready-to-feed bottles remain untouched after 48 hours, properly dispose of them to prevent illness.

Tips for Storing Unopened Formula

You must store powdered formula cans properly when you have a collection of them. A tip for storing baby formula is to place your unopened powdered formula in a cool, dry place along with opened cans with tightly closed lids.

Ensure that you don’t keep canned powdered formula in the fridge. Once the canned powdered formula is opened, finish it within one month before the expiration date. You can help yourself remember by writing the opening date on the lid for reference.

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