3 Reasons To Choose Holle Goat Milk Formula

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Finding the best formula for your baby can take time and experimentation. Perhaps you have a little one with lactose intolerance or a sensitive immune system. Luckily, the Europe-based baby formula brand, Holle, offers goat milk baby formula that provides the support your baby needs.

Holle goat milk baby formula is created using high-quality, GMO-free ingredients and fresh, organic goat milk from grass-fed goats. Still unsure? Here are three reasons why you should consider choosing Holle goat milk formula for your baby.

Free of Numerous Allergens

Holle uses the cleanest ingredients possible for your little one’s needs. Their goat milk formula provides the nutritional support every baby needs to feel full without the risk of allergic reactions. The goat milk baby formula is free of gluten, GMOs, added sugars, and soy, allowing your baby to enjoy each sip without feeling digestive discomfort.

Tastes Similar to Breast Milk

Transitioning your baby from breast milk to baby formula can feel tricky due to the change in quality and flavor. Another reason to choose Holle goat milk baby formula is its similar taste to breast milk. As your child weans off of breast milk, the Holle goat milk has a similar sweetness and creaminess that many infants love.

Easy to Digest for Babies

Traditional baby formulas often have artificial additives, preservatives, and added sugar that can affect the natural digestion process for babies. It can often lead to difficulty in digestion or lactose intolerance.

Luckily, Holle goat milk formula is easier to digest due to the broken-down state of the proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. This makes it easier for the baby to digest. Secondly, goat milk contains probiotics which aid in balancing good bacteria in the gut.

When you’re trying to find a quality baby formula, look no further than Formuland. We offer multiple brands of European-based baby formula that will help keep your baby happy and healthy. We carry Holle formula products that support every step in your baby’s growth. If you have questions about our baby formula catalog, our team is happy to help you find what you’re looking for.

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