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Plant Based Formula for Babies

Allergies represent a growing health concern globally, ranking as the fourth most prevalent ailment worldwide. Startlingly, one in four toddlers now grapple with allergies, marking a 50% increase over the past two decades.

Current data indicates that 4% of adults and 8% of children contend with food allergies or intolerances, despite more than 60% of individuals having a genetic predisposition. Among children aged 0 to 3, milk and gluten allergies are particularly widespread.


According to a report by the AFSSA (French Health Products Safety Agency) in January 2012, cow's milk stands as the third most common cause of allergies in children, affecting 9% of this demographic in France. However, the actual number is likely higher and steadily rising.

Symptoms related to weaning can surface as early as the first bottles, often triggered by the proteins in cow's milk. Once diagnosed, infants, especially those on hypoallergenic milk containing milk protein fragments, must transition to nondairy formula.


Globally, nearly 1% of the population, including individuals in France, contend with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease. Alarmingly, many cases remain underdiagnosed and undertreated. This autoimmune condition occurs when gluten protein fragments from certain cereals (wheat, barley, rye, oats, Oriental wheat, etc.) damage the intestinal lining.

Manifestations of the condition may commence when gluten-containing powdered baby food is introduced to infants after weaning. Upon confirmation through blood tests and biopsies, a gluten-free, and sometimes dairy-free, diet is recommended to manage the illness.

At Formuland, we prioritize your baby's health and dietary needs. Our plant-based formula options, such as our organic rice formula, are entirely free from allergenic proteins. This not only aids digestion but also allows newborns to thrive without the presence of cow's or sheep's milk, soy, or gluten.

Our nondairy formulas serve as excellent alternatives to traditional infant formulas and cereals. In alignment with our commitment to environmental responsibility, our plant-based formulas exclude any animal-derived components. Instead, they feature plant-based Vitamin D and EPA/DHA.

Plant-based formulas are recommended as they align more closely with newborn physiology, fostering healthy diets free from palm oil, sugar, salt, or excessive micronutrients. They incorporate naturally gluten-free cereals and all-natural supplements.

Discover the ideal dairy- and gluten-free fit for your little one with our rice formula for infants at Formuland, as we champion healthy alternatives for all newborns.