Holle Organic A2 Milk

Holle's A2 organic baby milk products harness the power of A2 milk from organic farming, featuring a meticulously curated blend of whey protein and casein. Our A2 milk is meticulously sourced from organically tended cows, which exclusively produce A beta-casein protein.

In contrast to today's standard cow's milk containing two primary types of beta-casein proteins, it's important to note that originally, all cows were A2 cows. Over time, genetic mutations led to the presence of A1 beta-casein in the milk of the first milk cows. Milk comprises various milk proteins, notably falling into the casein and whey protein categories. The distinctive feature between A1 and A2 milk lies in a single amino acid variation within the beta-caseins.

This distinction holds significance because, unlike A1 milk, A2 milk does not yield BCM7 (beta-casomorphin-7) during the digestion process. BCM7 is a byproduct of protein breakdown and is associated with various adverse effects.

Formula Stages Include:

  • Holle A2 Stage 1 Formula (From Birth)
  • Holle A2 Stage 2 Formula (6+ Months)
  • Holle A2 Stage 3 Formula (10+ Months)

Experience the exceptional benefits of Holle's A2 organic formulas, where we prioritize your baby's well-being at every stage of development.