Hipp UK

Made in Germany and packaged in the UK is HiPP UK. Organic skim milk from cows serves as the foundation of the formula. It contains prebiotic fiber called galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS), which are formed from organic lactose and support the development of a balanced gut flora. In addition to being starch-free, HiPP UK is the only international variation (apart from HiPP German Goat) that is absent of probiotics.

Formula stages include:

  • HiPP UK Organic Combiotic Stage 1 (From Birth)
  • HiPP UK Organic Combiotic Stage 2 (6+ Months)
  • HiPP UK Organic Combiotic Stage 3 (12+ Months)
  • HiPP UK Combiotic Growing Up Stage 4 Formula (24+ Months)
  • HiPP UK AR (Anti-Reflux) Combiotic Formula (From Birth)
  • HiPP UK Comfort Combiotic Formula (From Birth)