Could Goat Milk Formula Help Baby Eczema?

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What if the best solution for your baby’s eczema was hiding in plain sight?

There are many potential infant eczema treatments out there. But it turns out that goat milk formula may be the best baby eczema treatment on the market.

Wondering if goat milk formula can help your own child’s eczema? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

Goat Milk vs Goat Milk Formula

It’s easy to get confused about the differences between goat milk and goat milk formula. And that’s important because goat milk by itself is not always great for babies.

Why? Because goat milk is filled with protein. And by itself, goat milk actually has too much protein for the average baby kidney to handle.

However, formula based on goat milk is a real game-changer. Your child gets all of the benefits of consuming goat milk (more on this in a moment) and none of the drawbacks.

And if your child suffers from eczema, perhaps the biggest benefit is relief from skin irritation.

Why This Is Good for Baby Eczema

How, exactly, does goat milk formula help fight a child’s eczema? It all goes back to what is causing that eczema in the first place.

For example, some children are not allergic to milk itself. Instead, they have a special sensitivity to cow’s milk. And consuming such milk (or formula made from such milk) when they are so sensitive can lead to Eczema and other irritations.

Conversely, replacing the cow’s milk with goat milk formula can make a profound difference. When they are no longer encountering milk that triggers their skin sensitivity, your baby is going to feel much better.

Even if a milk sensitivity isn’t the cause of your baby’s eczema, goat milk formula can still help out. That’s because such a formula is a good source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids. These serve as an anti-inflammatory, helping with eczema while also providing other benefits (more on this later).

Now you know a bit more about how and why goat milk formula can have such a positive impact on baby eczema. On top of that, switching to this new kind of formula will help your baby out in many different ways.

Source of Protein

Young babies need milk to grow up strong and healthy. And one of the ways milk makes that happen is by providing the protein that a growing child so desperately needs.

However, there can be big differences in the ratio of whey and casein proteins inside breast milk and formula. Basically, adding a bit more whey helps children digest what they eat, especially when their bodies are still developing.

With goat milk formula, your baby gets the perfect amount of goat whey protein. That means they get the proteins they need without suffering from the digestive problems of the standard formula.

Babies Love Carbs

Adults often discuss the need to lay off carbs as a way of losing weight. For young babies who need to gain weight, though, carbohydrates are highly important.

With baby formula, producers must choose what kind of carbohydrates to add. Many of them add things like corn syrup or brown rice syrup, but this creates a formula that doesn’t taste much like breastmilk. No wonder babies often turn away from formula!

The good news is that goat milk formula gets its carbohydrates from the lactose. This creates a sweet taste that is more similar to breastmilk and easier for your baby to eat and digest.

The Right Fatty Acids

Beyond things like taste preferences and allergies, there may be another reason your child dislikes your old baby formula. What’s the reason? The fatty acids inside the formula.

Fatty acids are a necessary part of any formula, but most formula uses plant-based oils. Between their chemical composition and oily texture, though, plenty of babies have a difficult time digesting their baby formula.

With goat milk formula, though, you get a fat blend and fat placement that more correctly mimics breastmilk. The fatty acids are less likely to clog up your child’s intestines, and this helps goat milk baby formula to reduce constipation and gas.

A Solution for Gas and Constipation

It’s very frustrating when your baby suffers from gas or constipation. After all, you can diagnose the problem easily enough: they are having trouble digesting food. The hard part, though, is finding something that is easier to digest.

One reason traditional formula leads to constipation is that the milk quickly curdles hard balls of protein. These balls are difficult for your baby to digest, and this leads fairly inevitably to issues with constipation and gas.

Goat milk formula, however, changes the curdling process. This milk curdles into light curd instead of dense curd. 

That means that goat milk formula can clear up your baby’s digestion as well as their skin. And that’s the kind of news every parent wants to hear.

Have It Both Ways

Speaking of parents, we love goat milk formula because it seemingly does the impossible. It lets tired parents “have it both ways” with no real compromises.

This formula is a tasty and healthy alternative to breastmilk that will help your baby grow up strong and healthy. Along the way, it will clear up their skin, improve their digestion, and generally improve the baby’s quality of life.

As a parent, you understand what it’s like to make compromises from time to time. But no parent wants to compromise when it comes to the health of their child.

And with goat milk formula, you can provide the food and care they need with no compromises. This is your chance to get your baby off to a great start in life!

What’s Next For Your Baby?

Now you’ve learned what goat milk formula can do for baby eczema, baby digestion, and baby health. But do you know who can bring the best formula right to your door?

We specialize in all things formula, including an amazing selection of goat milk formula. To see how we can improve your child’s skin and health, contact us today!

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