5 Common Reasons Your Baby Has an Upset Stomach

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As your baby grows and develops, it takes time for them to figure out how to function. As they’re learning how to move, express themselves, and communicate with you, they’re also figuring out their nutritional needs. Because of this, it’s common for newborns and infants to experience stomach discomfort, especially around the time they eat. Here are the common reasons your baby struggles with an upset stomach.

Allergies and Sensitivities

Allergies and sensitivities are common causes of an upset stomach. If your baby has allergies, they could become fussier during mealtimes and less encouraged to eat. Some signs of allergies include hives, swelling on the lips or face, skin rashes, difficulty breathing, and vomiting.

Breast Milk

Breast milk is another reason your baby may experience an upset stomach, as they could experience sensitivities due to what you’re consuming. If your baby rejects your breast milk, avoid eating dairy, spicy foods, and caffeine to help alleviate breast milk sensitivity.


If your baby isn’t making any bowel movements for days on end, they may be experiencing constipation. Constipation can result in an upset stomach by causing digestive backups in the digestive system. As a result, your baby’s sleep quality and mood can suffer, leading them to not have an interest in feeding.


Trapped gas can lead to intense stomach discomfort for your baby. Gas mostly comes from swallowing too much air as they feed or not burping between feedings. Help your baby by performing bicycle movements with their legs, rubbing and patting their backs to burp them, and giving them baths to warm up their muscles.


If you notice that your newborn’s bowel movements are consistently runny and loose, they could be experiencing a bout of diarrhea. When your child experiences diarrhea, they can experience abdominal pain, resulting in an upset stomach. Consider visiting a pediatrician, as they’ll help you obtain an electrolyte solution and other methods of alleviating your baby’s discomfort.

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