4 Tips for Preparing a Formula Bottle on the Go

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Whether you plan on going to the grocery store or spending the day out with your family, you must remember the small details, especially when you have a child. So here are a few tips for preparing formula bottles while on the go.

Plan Your Day

As you spend the day out with your child, the last thing you want is a meltdown due to hunger. This can cause you to fall behind on your schedule and feel frustrated or embarrassed.

Plan your day with your child’s feeding schedule in mind. Know all the minor details, including where you plan on going, how many stops you’ll make, and how long you’ll remain away from home. Also consider where there will be access to water and the number of feeding sessions your child needs.

Invest in a Washable Diaper Bag

When you travel with a formula-fed baby, expect all sorts of messes and spills. One tip for formula bottle prep is to invest in a washable diaper bag, which can save you a lot of headaches. Opt for a diaper bag you can toss in the washing machine or easily wipe down in case of a formula spill.

Consider Ready-to-Feed Bottle Options

One of the easiest ways to prepare for formula bottle prep is by purchasing pre-made formula bottles. They provide busy moms with single-serving tubes of formula or ready-to-use infant formula. With the convenience of ready-to-feed bottles, the amount of formula you get can help keep your baby satiated without sacrificing time.

Become Formula Prep Savvy

Knowing your baby’s preferences can help you better prepare for feeding on the go. For instance, if your little one enjoys warm formula, prepare a thermos with warm water and bring it with you to avoid cold alternatives.

If you know you aren’t going anywhere with sinks to clean your bottles or have limited packing space, bring bottles with disposable liners, additional nipples, and rings. You’ll remain prepared for any inconvenience.

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