Why GMO-Free Baby Formula is the Right Choice for Your Child

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Every parent wants the best for their child. They want their baby to grow up to be healthy, happy, and smart. Whenever a parent cradles their baby, dreams of a successful career and future family for their child are all hopes of a new parent.

It’s true that our children deserve the best. The world has been on a path to giving ourselves the best when it comes to nutrition and lifestyle.

The movement towards organic food is huge, especially because so many harmful chemicals find their way into our foods.

It turns out that our foods are filled with harmful chemicals that are seemingly “invisible” when we buy them. Even our produce is modified and there seems to be nothing we can do about it. Studies have found that aspartame, high-fructose corn syrup, and MSG are still common across the shelves.

So, what is a mother to do when looking for the right formula for her baby?

There are so many different brands and options on store shelves, but there is a problem: the great majority, if not all, the formulas sold in stores contain chemicals and GMO products.

Formuland specializes in bringing organic and GMO-free baby formula to the US so that mothers can give their babies the best without having to wonder what’s in the formula. We’ve been in the business since 2011 and proudly serve our customers with the best products.

We understand that each child deserves the best and needs good, healthy nutrition to keep growing up into a strong and healthy individual. That’s why we find it so important to keep moms and dads up-to-date with the latest info.

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Why you’ll want to dig deeper than just “organic”

It’s hard enough to figure out what’s healthy and what’s not with our adult food. The healthy foods aisle is often filled with sweets and other items that claim to be healthy and offer you fiber and nutrition. A deeper look into these products often reveals artificial sweeteners and other harmful ingredients.

But when it comes to your baby and the formula you are feeding them, these chemicals and ingredients can cause immediate problems as well as ones later on.

So how do you figure out right from wrong?

You’ll want to stay away from those brands you can find in any big name store. Even the most well-known brands aren’t exactly known for putting the best ingredients in their formulas.

And, even organic baby formula needs a second look since many organic products can still contain GMOs!

Here is also an interesting article about benefits of organic food: https://www.healthambition.com/benefits-of-organic-food/

What are GMOS?

Before you can even figure out what route is best to take when feeding your baby, you should have a good idea of what GMOS are.

The name “GMO” is short for genetically modified organism. This means that some of the ingredients that you see on your label aren’t what they seem. If it’s a GMO ingredient, it’s actually a lab-made version of what you think you’re eating.

Many people believe that eating the most natural food is best, and we agree.

GMOS are harsh products that cannot be certainly traced to their own ingredients. According to the Non-GMO Project page, GMOs are usually unnatural combinations of plant, animal, virus, and bacteria genes to create a new product.

The negatives of GMOs

Because we believe this is an important topic, Formuland wanted to give you all the information about the negatives of consuming GMOs.

Food allergies

The occurrence of food allergies has been on the rise, and many people are linking this to the growth of GMOs in our foods.

Most importantly, GMO products can create or heighten the possibility of an allergic reaction to soy products. Allergic reactions to foods appear as soon as the first time you eat your trigger, but they can also appear after the food is eaten several times. Because GMOs use

Because GMOs use foreign DNA to create their hybrid products, extra care should be taken to look for reactions after eating a food with GMOs for the first few times.

Birth defects

There has been a link between GMO products and birth defects. Unfortunately, many communities don’t have a say in whether or not the produce they are given has been modified, so the health community is left to fight for those affected: babies.

Hawaii experienced a spike in birth defects and now an investigation is going into the GMO corn crop that many people have been consuming.

In animal studies, the consequences of GMO food is even more criminalizing. Some animals have been shown to have major deformities in their spines and legs, making the connection between GMOs and defects all the more clear!


Similarly to birth defects, GMOs have been linked to cancers. Studies have shown that these products can cause kidney damage, hormonal changes, and cancers in animal tests.

Though there haven’t been many studies on humans, since it is still too soon to get decisive results due to the relative newness of widespread GMO, this is still enough for us to advise everyone to avoid these harmful products.

So you’ve decided on GMO-free baby formula. What now?

Giving your baby GMO-free formula is a good decision for mothers looking to provide their babies with the best nutrition that also minimizes their chances for allergies, stomach discomfort, and some diseases. But where can you get this type of formula?

Products with GMOs are unlabeled in the US, which is why it’s so hard to find something that you can be sure is organic and GMO-free! Thankfully, Europe banned GMOs and is able to provide mothers with formula they can trust.

Formuland strives to bring the best products to parents in the US, so we recommend checking out brands like Hipp, Holle, Aptamil, Lebenswert, and Topfer. You can find them on our website and make sure to contact us with any questions you have!

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