Bottle Feeding Tips for When You’re on the Go

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Having a baby is the beginning of an adventure, one that you’ll journey on for the rest of your life.

In those first few days after welcoming your bundle of joy into the world, you’re preoccupied with worries, laughter, and challenges.

Soon, though, you’ll face another big adventure with your little one: leaving the house.

This can definitely be challenging for anyone, but if you think it’s worse because you’re using bottles, we’re going to put you at ease.

Whether your going to the corner store with baby for the first time or getting on a plane to visit Gran and Gramps, we’ve got the best bottle feeding tips that will make traveling a breeze!

Bottle Temperature

When you travel with breast milk, you’ll have to keep it chilled and tote it around in a cooler.

Here’s where organic baby formula has a slight advantage.

Because you can mix it on the go, as long as you’ve got water, you’ve got a bottle for baby.

The thing is, many infants get used to drinking it either chilled or warmed.

If you can get your baby to accept room temperature organic formula, you’ll be able to bottle feed them without the extra step of chilling or warming the bottle.

Sterilizing On The Go

Sterlizing at home is easy and comfortable, but that all changes when you’re out and about.

There are a few options for parents that are both convenient and easy to use.

The first thing to look into is bottle bags. These are sterilized liners that fit into your existing bottle and keep your bottle clean.

That way, you only have to wash the nipples and caps, which is much easier to keep on top of.

One of the best bottle feeding tips for longer trips is to consider packing a microwave sterilizer.

Of course, this depends on your destination having a microwave, but most places do.

Plus you can pack your extra stuff inside of it so that it doesn’t take up too much space.

If push comes to shove, consider packing a small travel kettle for fast water boiling. Bonus: this can be used to warm the formula too!

Flying The Bottle-Feeding Friendly Skies

It’s unfortunately true that one in four adults don’t take a vacation over the fears that traveling with a baby is going to be a huge hassle.

Don’t let your fears over long distance plane travel keep you from going on vacation with baby.

While getting through getting through security is consistently a top five complaint, it doesn’t have to be.

The TSA’s restrictions on bringing formula onboard aren’t that restrictive and airport agents are trained to work with you. Just notify them of your needs when in line for security checks.

A few extra bottle feeding tips to keep your baby from being fussy on the plane: bottle feed baby while on the car ride over.

With a full belly, they’ll be able to handle the hustle and bustle of the busy airport with minimum fuss.

Worried about your baby crying during take off? Offering them a new bottle of organic infant formula keeps them distracted while the engines roar and the cabin pressure changes.

Sucking on the bottle might help their little ear passages clear faster too – bonus!

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Save Space And Your Sanity With A Sectioned Formula Dispenser

Instead of having a huge tin of formula and a scoop or fumbling with funnels, add a sectioned formula dispenser to your bag.

They don’t take up a lot of space and there’ll be no second-guessing how much organic formula you need to dole out.

Just empty out the compartment into a bottle, top it off with water, and you’re good to go.

Don’t Be Afraid To Pack Extra

Look; no matter what type of mother you are, you’ll always be judged.

If you think people are staring at your giant bag brimming with baby stuff, just brush them off.

If you travel, there’s no guarantee you’ll find the same brand you use, like HiPP formula or Holle formula, when you arrive at your destination.

If there’s a delay at the airport, the last thing you want is to be caught with a crying infant and no formula to be found.

Bonus bottle feeding tips: pack a little extra of everything else, too.

If you lose or break a nipple, it’s good to have another one ready to go.

Bottled Water Is Your Friend

Even if you’re traveling to a place where you’re unsure what the water quality will be, don’t worry.

Bottled water is available nearly everywhere.

Remember how we talked about getting through airport security with mixed formula? You can make that even easier by bringing just the formula in the bottles and buying water on the other side of the check.

If push comes to shove, you can always bring a filtered pitcher with you that you can fill with water.

Make Your Bag Baby Bottle Proof

When you’re out and about, no matter how near or far, a bottle spill can ruin your day.

No matter how tight you screw on those caps, a spill can happen to anyone, anywhere.

While you can mitigate that scenario by keeping formula and bottled water separate, there’s no problem with keeping a pre-mixed bottle ready to go as long as you follow these bottle feeding tips.

Invest in a waterproof baby bag to lug around.

That way when a spill happens you don’t have to try to find a way to clean the entire bag and wait for it to dry.

Plus, you’ll keep your diapers dry.

Out of all of the bottle feeding tips, this one is going to keep you sane on the road.

More Of The Best Bottle Feeding Tips

If you want to keep up to date with how to bottle feed on the go, keep Formula Land in your online bookmarks.

They’re the experts on the best organic baby formula on the market, like Holle formula and Hipp formula.

Now that you’ve got the best bottle feeding tips under your belt, have fun traveling with baby!


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