Stage-by-Stage Nannycare Formula for Infants

The goal of Nannycare is to produce goat milk of the highest caliber for use in infant and toddler formula. To produce milk that is specifically suited for infant and toddler formula, Nannycare goats are carefully chosen and fed a very healthy diet, creating the Nannycare formula products. Nannycare goat milk formulas are then produced in a top-notch facility that was especially designed for producing goat milk formula, with careful handling and gentle transportation, taking great care to retain the nutritional integrity of the milk.

Today, Nannycare is the UK's top-selling goat milk formula thanks to the hard work of the Nannycare team and the ardent support of the families who have consumed Nannycare infant formula over the years.

Remaining family owned. The workforce at Nannycare is compassionate and driven, and the company is still family-owned. Their core principles continue to guide everything they do.

Nannycare formula stages include:

  • Nannycare Stage 1 Goat Formula (From Birth)
  • Nannycare Stage 2 Goat Formula (6+ Months)
  • Nannycare Stage 3 Goat Formula (12+ Months)