Premibio Infant Formulas

Premibio infant formula is the result of a meeting between parents concerned about giving their babies infant milk without palm oil and experts in infant nutrition who understood the drawbacks of this contentious ingredient.

Organic is a deeply held belief of Premibio. That’s why they sell organic products like Premibio organic cow milk formula and organic goat milk formula. They’ve always believed that the Premibio line should fulfill the implied nutritional expectations that it communicates in addition to protecting the environment.

While there may be organic palm oil that complies with all organic farming requirements, Premibio thinks this contentious ingredient has no place in organic food, especially not food meant for a newborn.

A formula for infants that is exclusively made of unsaturated fats (usually a mixture of rapeseed and sunflower oils) can have a pro-oxidant effect. Such a lipid profile would differ significantly from breast milk's lipid profile (maximum 50% unsaturated fatty acids), which is highly primarily saturated (> 90% unsaturated fatty acids).

Despite its high cost brought on by a production process that has remained mostly artisanal, Premibio infant formula uses coconut oil to balance the ratio of saturated/unsaturated fatty acids and achieve a profile that’s closer to mother's milk.

Lauric acid and medium-chain fatty acids, which are absent from the other oils often used in newborn milks, are provided by coconut oil, which also prevents a pro-oxidant effect (palm , rapeseed and sunflower in particular).

These two fatty acids, while not technically essential, are still of major biological significance. Medium-chain fatty acids are a source of energy easily mobilized by the body of infants, at a stage when energy needs are particularly high. Lauric acid serves an anti-infective effect.

The fact that these fatty acids are generated by the mammary gland despite not being present in the mother's diet and always being present in breast milk serves as one example.

Premibio's decision to sell infant milks devoid of palm oil consequently stems not from a desire to keep up with the times but rather from moral beliefs and consideration of the nutritional sciences, helping to distinguish Premibio from other brands in the infant nutrition market.

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